When your income doesn’t reflect how hard you work in your business

When your income doesn’t reflect how hard you work in your business

“My income doesn’t reflect how hard I work in my business”

This is one of the most frustrating but also one of the most common things I hear every day from incredibly talented coaches and healers

who help so many people change their lives for the better

BUT they have the potential to help so many more …

And they’re not, because they keep making the same flawed strategic decisions.

AND LOOK, I have so been at so many different versions of that – it’s not funny.

I totally get what that feels like.

I mean it can be embarrassing, like oops you’ve just gone to shout your friend breakfast, but there’s just that little moment of panic – wondering if you’ve actually left some money in there or not!

It can also be kinda soul destroying when all day every day you’re the one lifting others up, but your business isn’t supporting you as much as you support your clients.

If you don’t yet have a thriving 6 figure business and the spaciousness to actually enjoy it – you’re falling victim to these 3 main issues.

Here’s what I see happen over and over again.

Check the video out to find out how to short circuit the “just hustle harder” cycle.

Just so you know, what we’ve been talking about today is just one step in a greater system, my 6 Figure Freedom Pathway. These are the exact steps that help passionate entrepreneurial women leverage their expertise online and grow to consisten $20k+ monthly income, working part time, without expensive ads, complicated funnels or selling their soul.

The step we’ve been talking about today lies in Phase 2 which is all about Automating your Income – and specifically we’re talking about releasing your Sales Shame and Anxieties so you can convert sales effortlessly and work with premium paying, high calibre Perfect Match Clients.

So if you would like to some help stepping into your Sales Queen – book a 6 Figure Freedom Strategy call with myself or one of the team.

Bianca x

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