Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Our refund policy is very simple.

All of your payments—including deposits—are non-refundable.


Two reasons.


Firstly, we don’t sell physical things.


We sell online products and trainings that are full of over 30 years of our combined knowledge, experience and time. Our coaching programs come with hours of our hands-on help, time, support and energy.

None of these things can be returned.


Secondly, because we know from personal experience how easy it can be to second-guess yourself and your instincts.


Our business is helping you to transform and overcome the voices of self-sabotage and doubt. We know that these are likely to pop-up in your mind, and attempt to rationalise you out of the positive change that our courses will make in your life.


The truth is, to your ego mind, all change is scary, even amazing, positive change. It will try and keep you “safe” in the reality that you know, even if it means you have to put up with ongoing pain, and the suffering of not living your true purpose.


It’s very easy to say to yourself: “Oh, no, I don’t really need this”,  “I probably should keep trying to DIY it for a bit longer” or “Eek.. I’m so busy!”, or  “Oops! Changed my mind!”


So we’re here doing the thing you are paying us to do. We are helping you to keep your commitments to yourself by holding you to a higher standard of accountability. One that requires that you honour your word, even when the going gets tough or you doubt yourself.  


Please reach out and let us help you.

If you are feeling this way, please reach out, be honest with how you are feeling and ask for help. This is exactly what we can help you to overcome. We will not judge you for doubting yourself, or doubting us. 

All of the team at MMC are committed to ensuring that you receive way more value from the transformational results of doing our programs than what you have invested in them, and it starts with being able to commit to, and receive the value you have invested in the course or coaching program you have chosen.

We believe that you should always treat other business women how you would like to be treated. By holding a high standard of value for what we deliver, and demonstrating that with firm policies and procedures, we model to you what it is like to be a successful woman in business.

Respect your decision. You invested in yourself for a reason. You are worth receiving the value that is on the other side of that decision.

Any questions before you commit? Email for a speedy response.

with love and gratitude,

Kylie, Bianca & the My Mind Coach Team


PS – At MMC we are super proud of the value and quality of our programs, courses, and products. The wisdom and transformational processes we are sharing with you is the direct result of many, many years of our own training, certifications, trial & error, tears, soul-searching and our own hundreds of thousands of dollars investment in our growth.

We have done the work. We will continue to, to bring you our best. We cannot guarantee your results. No-one can. We can only guarantee that we will show up and help you to short-cut your own learning curve, and hold you to the highest standard. At the end of the day, your results are up to you, and how much you are willing to commit to yourself.  We’re with you all the way.