Case Studies

Denise DT on Birthing her Creative Genius in a Record 2 Million Dollar+ Launch

Breaking Through a Sales Drought & Creating A Record Sales Month with Ease – just by being more of herself!


Courtney Hill on Creating a 7 Figure Consulting & Coaching Business

I was looking for somebody who encouraged me to charge my worth, believe in that work and not be afraid of what I am worth. Many people look at my life and think I had already achieved a lot, but I wanted to expand and grow, and aside from my very supportive husband, I have found it difficult to find people who push me to be better than I am.

Bianca really held me accountable to my vision and helped me branch out from my property software consulting business into coaching.  I went from $110/hour sessions to selling over $50,000 in programs within 8 weeks. It was the ease at which it happened that was the best part – I kept accidentally selling people! 

12 months after working with Bianca I am booked out 4 weeks in advance. I’m about to hire 12 – 15 staff and I am on a rapid rise to 100k a month. I don’t think I would have gotten here this quickly if it weren’t for Bianca’s support, emotional clearing techniques and big picture questioning. Bianca held me to a higher vision than I had for myself and I’m thrilled with what I’ve achieved. 



Candice Tahuri on creating a multiple 7 figure business within 3 months, and an 8 figure business with 3 locations within 1 year.



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Bianca is THE go-to babe when you really want to up level your results and need to kick some serious business ass!

Confidence. Certainty. Courage. Cashflow …
she is the Queen at helping you create all of these (and fast, there’s no f’ing around).


I highly recommend her free training, and anything and everything this mindset master has to offer. 

Game on Warriors!

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Naomi sold her first brand new offer 24 hours after our first session then a total of 3 in the first 7 days.


– Within 24 hours she sold a brand new high ticket client to a brand new offer that was worth significantly more than what she used to charge.

– Within 1 week she had not one, but THREE new clients at this new offer.

– All of whom paid deposits – a new development since our session, at an amount that was MORE than what she used to previously charge for her preliminary designs.

But most of all, what happened was that she unlocked her AUTHENTIC Self – it wasn’t strategy I shared with her, I helped her align to her truth, and unleash her personal power.

The beauty of this is that this isn’t just a one time thing, the benefits of this will cascade into every area of her life.

Her health, her relationships, her environment, her self love, her wealth …. The list goes on.

AND all the while she’ll be getting paid significantly more, delivering double the transformation with HALF (yes that’s right) HALF the work output.

This is what happens when you throw out old outdated paradigms that tell us that the harder we work, and the more we sacrifice, the more money we’re allowed to make (and then sabotage because we’re not actually allowed to enjoy it).