Case Studies

Re-School yourself with The Body Confidence Project.

You too can discover how to make peace with your plate,
remember that your body is worth love and care,
and that you deserve to enjoy your life,
no matter what your size or shape.

Jen went from a size 18 to size 14!

“I’ve lost 8kgs so far, look 10 years younger, but even more awesome than that
I’ve been able to get double the amount of work done, in half the time it used to take me!”

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Amy shed 4kgs in the first few weeks by eating more food!

“I lost 4kg in the first few weeks just by eating more food without much exercise either. Who doesn’t love that?!”

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Bec discovered the key to “after the after”…

She’s now 40 kilos lighter. She wants to let you know you can do it too, when you educate yourself.

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Monique didn’t know it could be this easy…

“I thought you couldn’t be successful AND slim. I didn’t realise it could be easy”

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Suzanne lost 73 kilos by quitting dieting forever…

“I was put on my first diet at age 4. I’ve lost and gained 500kg over my life.
But it was only when I started working on my mindset as the issue, not the fat,
that I finally ended the battle”

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Doreen says take the leap of faith!

This is the best thing I’ve ever done. Before I hated myself, loathed myself to the core… “Useless, fat, ugly, can’t commit” Now I can BREATHE! I am now fuelling my body, and I LOVE myself. And the weight is coming off without any struggle. Slowly, but it’s coming off. And I’m happy!! If you are sitting on the fence like I was, all I can say is take the leap of faith and you will never, ever, ever regret it.