What Triplets Taught Me About Million Dollar Sales Launches

What Triplets Taught Me About Million Dollar Sales Launches

Many years ago a woman I was helping said to me “I don’t think you understand what it’s like to run a business with kids.”

I could tell she was frustrated she wasn’t further along with the homework I had set her, but she was right – how could I?

It’s like walking somebody up to the base of a mountain you have never climbed, and even though they describe every step – they could never explain to you what the air really feels like on top, or the exhilaration when you see the view.

This was a pic I took whilst on a sales call for a client last year, it was a Saturday … doors were closing, this lady was one of the last to apply.

I surely have had my ass handed to me raising triplets and a 3yo over the past year, but I’ve also had some of my most rewarding financial results and fulfilling heart soaring moments too.

Even though it was the weekend and I had no help babysitting, I was motivated to see if I could help her.

So I swotted away mosquitos, patted bottoms and juggled dummies whilst my son jumped up and around his siblings. With some snacks, a lot of silent facial expressions, and the occasional “excuse me, just a second” we all had a good time.

She got some clarity around what was slowing her business down, and I shared a vision of what could be possible if she joined us.

Even though I didn’t close the sale, (timing was off) I didn’t go to ‘all this bother for nothing”.

I was committed to the cause enough that I was willing to to sacrifice some presence with my darlings… and expend a bit more energy than usual to get focused.

So now that I understand what it’s like to run a business and have kids….here is what I would have told that lady she needed.

1. Teamwork.
Women and mothers are WAY too hard on themselves (myself included). You can’t do it all by yourself. Enlist the help of others, think laterally how you can make things more streamlined.

You do this by lowering your expectations, stretching out more realistic timelines and expanding your concept of what counts as success (somedays winning is just a shower and a luke warm coffee!).

2. Commitment to your Vision

Is it that you don’t like sales, or can’t sell yourself – or are you just a little bit in your head around the value you offer to others?
Getting help to fix the latter will revolutionise how you see the former.

3. Honouring your SELF

I love my kids, I also love having deep meaningful conversations with people who are passionate about what they do and on the precipice of doing something GREAT.

I honour myself by putting myself in a position I can include these conversations in my life. I don’t have to choose between being a mum or giving up my identity – I can be a multi-faceted woman who enjoys the best of what life has to offer.

4. Connection to your Source.

Your gut instinct will tell you when you’re off track, out of alignment with who you really are … or out of integrity with what you’re selling.

This will save you so many hours of busyness and help you find the short cut, and manifest results greater than you expected.

5. Faith, Patience and Trust that everything works out for the highest good for all involved.

Set your intention, vision your outcome, then let it go with the deep inner knowing that if you just keep putting one foot in front of the other you are magnetising your greatest dreams towards you.

That’s why I love sales … I don’t know how the conversation I have with somebody will revolutionise their journey – that’s why it’s not about whether they buy or not.

It’s also not a reflection on whether I’m rejected or a failure.

But also, it’s why I don’t have time or the effort or inclination to manufacture faux interest or manipulate people who aren’t ready to have a buying conversation.

As it turned out, this lady remembered our heartfelt conversation and enrolled 3 months later. She is now grateful to be in a community that is helping her business and customers thrive.

Don’t turn your business into an insecure teenager, hooked into the emotional roller coaster that comes with conditional self love and external validation.

When you have something genuinely awesome to sell, you don’t need to force it.

And when you are truly awesome at what you do – you also deserve to enjoy your life at a pace that feels good.

Thanks for the sales queen + extreme parenting convos this morning Kat Abianac

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