Unlock your Next Level of Income With Ease

Unlock your Next Level of Income With Ease

You want to feel alive in your genius zone doing what you do best. 

You want more energy, 

You want to feel fit, healthy and strong.  

You want to lead your business into its next evolution

You want to triple your revenue AND the profit you take home. 

You want it to feel easeful, for it to be sustainable. 

You want to feel free on the holidays, knowing all your obligations have been fulfilled. 

But more than anything, you want to actually have the spaciousness in your business so that you actually feel wealthy. 


You’re in a burn out cycle. 

You’re overworked and your body is not behaving the way it used to 

There is drama in your team 

Invoices are outstanding, and you’re spinning too many plates. 

You’re feeling the pinch of working hard and not feeling supported in the way that you support your clients, your business, your team … everyone else. 

All of that is caused and perpetuated by energetics. The only way to change it is with energetics. 

If strategy alone and knowing what to do was going to change it – we know it would have done that already. 

Check out the video to find out how to unlock your next level of income with ease by claiming your effortless genius.




I want to talk to you today about how to unlock your next level of income with ease. So I work with really high performing entrepreneurs who are amazing at what they do and find that things are really good in business, but how do they get it to the next level? And it’s really fun when we start investigating what are the key shifts in terms of who you’re being, your emotional state and how you’re being. The effortless genius zone, the things that you do that creates the most leverage so that you can have your authentic success on your terms and really align all of your energy, all of your parts of you, to what it is that you really want to create to your heart’s biggest desires.

And one of the big pieces that I help people focus on is their effortless genius. And it’s really cool because often, your next level of income. I’ve actually yet to have anybody tell me that their next level of income by claiming their effortless genius sounds hard. Most of the time, they’re like, oh, yeah. Oh, that’s this thing. Oh, that’s this thing. Oh, that’s easy. And this is the shift that happens when you tune into innately, what’s going on for you, innately what you bring to the table and how your medicine creates an amazing transformational ripple effect in the people and the community and the organizations around you. So what we first look at is the relationship between the beliefs that you have about your work and your actual expertise.

So when you are really at the, like, we all know that there’s a large spectrum of things that we can do well, but we’re not that great things that we’re not that good at all. And then our pure zone expertise, it’s kind of like skating on a razor blade, thin ice. Like, you’re amazing at that. The skill, the precision, the expertise, the experience that you bring to the table is unrivaled. So when you are in that zone where you inherently believe with all parts of you, that your perspective, that you bring the space that you hold for others, the frame of what can be possible, and you combine that with your expertise, that is when your results skyrocket. That’s when you can really charge a premium, ten k plus for the transformation that you offer.

That’s when the transformation that you offer transcends the attention and the energy that you exchange for it. So it’s kind of like you can give a man a fish and feed them for a day, or you can teach them how to fish and feed them for a lifetime. Right? When you really harness the phenomenal, life changing transformation that your expertise and your perspective brings, that’s when your business really skyrockets. This is when you create results that exceed the expectations of the people of your clients and your customers. That’s when they get what they want, and then they get so much more out of it, they can’t stop raving about it. When you operate from this space, when you bring that effortless genius zone into your work, burnout doesn’t exist because you have this joy driven momentum that drives the growth of your business.

When you really like, there’s so much rewarding, fulfilling opportunities that happen in every moment that your actions and your energy compound to exponentially create results. Record cash months are norm in my world. What often, though happens is we’re not always in that zone. A lot of the times we actually have the inherent belief, because we’ve been raised in this modern patriarchal world, that hard work is the thing that makes my world, that hard work is what makes my work valuable. So when we have this belief that the thing that we do is the thing that creates the results, yes, sure, you can go into an environment and get your shovel out and help somebody dig the hole right next to them. Sure, you can do that. But when you’re the architect and when you’re building big pyramid, that’s going to last for ages.

That’s not actually where your medicine, where your expertise is most needed. It’s not down in the ditch. But when you combine your expertise with the belief that hard work is the thing that makes my work valuable, this is when you believe that you have to be over responsible for your clients results. You have to muscle everybody to the outcome. You have to get in there and get dirty. And this is where burnout happens. This is where exhaustion overwhelm happens. Because you’re using force to try to drive towards the outcome, you’re not allowing things to happen at the space that can be metabolized, meaning the information can be received and digested and allow things to take the time they need to take. The funny thing about this space, when you’re in here, often the results do not meet the client’s expectation.

Part of that is the projection of discounting your own gifts and innate talents. Then when you discount your own inherent power to create results just from the perspective that you hold because of your eons of experience and time, then often, just from a small percentage, it might show up that you might have high maintenance clients, you might have people that want a refund, you might have people who need a lot of realignment conversations. That’s what happens when you have the belief that my hard work is what makes my work valuable, and you will create circumstances that will reinforce that, will prove that to yourself, that’s true. So when you can make that shift, that inherently, you understand, you can claim your unique talents, experience. That’s when your income skyrockets. That’s when you can charge a premium price for the things that you create.

Now, probably the thing that really holds people back is when you are in this place where you’re really in servitude to your business, when you haven’t really embodied that certainty of the transformation that your work creates now, it’s like even little remnants of ourselves that don’t really feel completely embodied and convicted in our beliefs. One of the let’s give you three things that you can do today to help you with your personal magnetism. Charge up in your belief. Next is to really own your effortless genius zone, and then finally to leverage support and team. So the first thing for you to really harness your own personal magnetism is probably just to get still, to still, to let go of all the things that you do and notice and feel your inherent divine role that’s a part of just you existing.

The role that you have in the ecosystem of life, of just you holding space for others. Notice the value that you’ve had in holding space for others. Notice how just a word, a sentence, a little tip, a trick for somebody has created massive, incredible shifts and changes for others. My bro Dan, who was just on the call before, that was one of the first times I ever did a crystal bowl healing for somebody, and I’d never done it before. But holding that space for somebody in the perfect time for them helped Dan create a whole bunch of awesome results in his career path, in his healing journey. And that was me just showing up and holding space, right? So there’s always just noticing and naming where your space that you have held for somebody else has created a huge trajectory shift in their life.

That’s your first pit. The next one is your effortless genius zone. Now, if you’re tinkering around with things like me and my crystal balls, then it’s fun to be an amateur. But if you are promising something that you’re not really embodied in your expertise, you can’t really create predictable transformation, repeatable results in an easeful way. All you need to do to shift that is to just dial your promise back, be a little bit less responsible. Just make your promise way easier to fulfill. And this is often the shift, the tweak that helps people have record cash months. Honestly, just like don’t work so hard, just don’t promise so much. Recognize your inherent talents, innate gifts, and find the places that have the highest yield opportunities that you can bestow.

That focus upon that brings me to that final point of how can you leverage support so that you can also leverage opportunities? It’s like leverage opportunities and leverage support. So first one is find the opportunities, find the circumstances where the people who need your gift can get the most traction out of that. And then how can you leverage support to stay in that effortless genius zone for longer? For most of your time so you’re not stuck in the tasks that are probably in what you aren’t the best person to be doing that. And it does take a lot of your hard work to try to get that to over the finish line. So hopefully that really has helped shift a few things for you.

Really super excited for my upcoming aligned true wealth program that will help you create this emotional, energetic alignment that shifts your sales energy, helps you align to your version of true wealth, helped you uncap your income and your business growth and yeah, so you can create this amazing, you know, a version of heaven on earth, your version of heaven on earth and bring it down in this lifetime for you to experience. If you want to know about how you can unlock your business growth, your trajectory, how you can claim your effortless genius to uncap your income, send me a DM or fill out the diagnostic that I’ll put in the comments below. Kakite, talk to you later. Bye for now.

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