How to Double Your Monthly Income While Working Less

How to Double Your Monthly Income While Working Less
by Bianca Aiono /


You want to double your monthly income, whilst working less AND having more fun.

But you’re at capacity and you know you can’t work any harder.

You don’t need more strategy, you don’t need more automation, it’s not a bout delegating more.

Those things are important. But if what you want hasn’t shown up for you yet, it’s time for you to look at the energetics that are driving your business.

But if there’s something that’s showing up in your life that you wouldn’t consciously choose, it’s because you’re somehow subconsciously choosing it and then co-creating that with your actions. 

When you’re already awesome at what you do, you have a huge work ethic, BUT you’re out of alignment 

This is like when you’re a high performance sports car but you’ve got the hand brake on, and you’re putting cheap fuel in instead of the best. 

This is what happens when you’re looking too far ahead into the future when it’s all gunna be easy, without being brave enough, to stop, take stock and see what’s really at the root of slowing you down,

I recently worked with Jen, a powerhouse entrepreneur juggling the demands of motherhood and business. Despite her hard work, she felt overwhelmed, stressed, and stuck.

The breakthrough came when she doubled her monthly targets while cutting back to a four-day work week. The magic happened when she aligned with her effortless genius, harnessed her personal magnetism, and leveraged support to guide all aspects of herself toward her goals.

  1. Personal Magnetism.
    As a high performer it’s about examining how you attach your worth to hard work. For Jen, it meant unpacking subconscious beliefs rooted in her parents’ work ethic. We had to realign those beliefs with her energy and offerings, allowing new business to flock to her effortlessly.

2. Effortless Genius Zone
Next, we delved into her innate talents and where she could apply them for the highest fiancial yield.  For Jen it was about shedding the belief that she needed to make herself small, or that she had to sacrifice her creative pursuits in order to be “successful”. This wasn’t about working harder; it was about getting out of her own way.

3. Lastly, leveraging support. When you direct your energy towards what you truly want, sit in your genius zone, and receive support from your team and tribe, success follows. It’s about streamlining systems, receiving help, and ensuring all parts of you are on board with your version of authentic success.

The beauty is that success compounds when you have these three elements in play. The better it gets, the more sales you make, the more connections you form, and the more domino effects happen. If you’re struggling to align, that’s precisely what I specialise in.

I’ve got a diagnostic process that could be a game-changer for you.

Check out The Healthy Money Map – it’s a free training and diagnostic that will give you a customised report highlighting your strenghts and suggesting your most powerful focus points to help you burst through those invisible glass ceilings of revenue and profit.













Kia Ora Bianca Aiono here. And I want to share with you how to double your monthly income whilst working less. When you’re at capacity and you know you can’t work any harder, you know, you don’t need more strategy, you don’t need more automation. It’s not about delegating more. All of those things are important. But if what you want hasn’t shown up for you yet, it’s because you haven’t yet chosen it. So it’s really important to look at the energetics that are driving your business now, when you’re already awesome what you do, and you have a huge work ethic, but you’re out of alignment. This is like when you’re a high performance sports car, you’ve got the handbrake on and you’re putting cheap fuel instead of the best.

So it’s kind of like if there’s something that’s showing up in your life that you wouldn’t consciously choose, it’s because somewhere, somehow, you’re subconsciously choosing it and then co creating it with your actions. So often the thing that’s not showing up for you yet, the profit margins, the ease with which you make it, the impact that you want to drive, that you want to create with your business, or just even the quality of life, the lifestyle that you want to live, if that’s not showing up for you, it means that somewhere, consciously and subconsciously, you are not aligned to that in your world. So this is what was going on for Jen. She was working her butt off. She was really feeling quite overwhelmed with juggling all the demands of motherhood and business entrepreneurship.

She was overweight, she was feeling unhealthy, stressed all the time. Work just kept on piling on and she found herself working through the evenings and over the weekends and spilling into family time. So Jen actually doubled her monthly targets. She found new business was just being attracted to her, like a moth to a flame. And she actually stopped working five days a week. She had to work four days a week and still doubled her monthly targets. This is what happens when you get in alignment with your effortless genius. You really align your personal magnetism to what it is that you want and you leverage support to help all parts of you get on board to moving towards your goals. One of the big crux of the process we had to do was to get it to stop. Just like stop.

It’s almost like the less traction you get, the harder you try thinking that you can out think this or you can outrun this, but you can’t do that. You can’t outrun something when you’re out of alignment. So we had to get her to get really clear on what she wanted out of life, what she was creating out of her life. And here’s the thing. When you’re a high performer, often you think that the thing that makes you valuable is how hard you work. And it’s not. It’s actually your innate talents, your unique perspective that you’ve honed over many years of dedicating yourself to your craft over harnessing that work ethic and the experience that has driven you to. It’s like being at the top of the mountain.

You can share to people, you can share with people what that perspective looks like, but it’s not how hard you work that inherently is the thing that makes you so valuable. It is the fuel that drives your peak performance, high performance car, but it’s not the vehicle itself. So here are the three things we had to look at first. One was looking at her personal magnetism. So we need to look at how was she attaching her worth to how hard she worked. And it turned out she had a bunch of stories around how when her parents were self employed and they were always hard workers, but she never got to see them growing up. So it was something that she had this push pull energy about.

It’s like, this is the thing that you need to do to get successful, but these are the costs that it has to create along the way. So she was subconsciously choosing to replicate what had always been role modeled to her, but subconsciously feeling the dissonance, feeling the resistance, because she didn’t want to miss out on her parents, on her children the way her parents had missed out on her growing up. So she was actively blocking the thing that she wanted whilst also inviting more work in. So it’s exactly that. Pressing down hard on the accelerator whilst also lifting the handbrake up, because it was exactly what she saw her parents doing. So when we really helped her realign her subconscious beliefs and meanings with her energy and her offerings, that’s when new business started being attracted to her like a moth to a flame.

She didn’t have to work harder for people to be like, oh, well, you’re the one that I want to work with. You’re the one that can help me with this. And when she gave herself more permission to be more present in the moment and be more explicit about asking exactly what it is that she wanted, she was able to draw more powerful boundaries to let go of the things that drained her. And, yeah, it was really fascinating that when you get more in your body and you’re not constantly on this workhorse, that you become more in alignment. You become a frequency match with the things that you are actually asking for. The second thing we had to look at was her effortless genius. What was her effortless genius zone?

These are these innate instinctive talents, natural talents that we possess that just makes up who we are and then ensuring that we are focusing them on the highest yield opportunities. So Jen was actually dimming her light, thinking that’s what the world needed from her. She was kind of making herself small when we helped her know, indulge yourself and look at what are her creative projects, what are the things that she feels inspired to do. She started making more time for herself as a holistic person, as a fully rounded woman. She started eating healthier, and she really started radiating out this feminine magnetism. So she was where clients who she’d already had relationships with, she was having fun, she was sharing a laugh. New ideas would drop into her mind. Referrals would happen, opportunities would happen as if out of nowhere.

Not because she was working harder, but because she was harnessing her effortless genius. She was getting into alignment with what she really wanted, and she was then getting out of the way. And then finally, we looked at helping her leverage support. So when you are actively ensuring that you’re putting all your energy into directing all your energy to what it is that you really want, you are sitting in your effortless genius zone and you’re applying it to the places that you can get the most amount of traction. The final part is, how can we leverage support so you can streamline your systems, you can receive the help from your team, from your tribe, from your environment all around you to make sure that you’re going full steam ahead, all parts of your onboard, to creating what you want.

And when you have these three pieces in play, this is when that success that you’ve been working so hard for drops in. That’s when you find that the better it gets, the more that you sell just from being you, the friends that you have, the connections that you make. There’s an amazing domino effect that happens when you get into alignment. If you need help getting into alignment, this is what I do for my clients all day, every day. So I help high performing entrepreneurs claim their effortless genius so they can uncap their income, create record sales results with ease, and have a lot more fun in the process. And the really cool thing about with Jane is that she had this, a whole bunch of unintended cascade of benefits.

She dropped the dress size, she went on holidays, she started writing a children’s book, she had eats more fun with her family. All of these things happen and compound when you are living your most authentic version of success, when you are aligned to true wealth and all parts of your body and your mind are on board with that. So if you need some help with that, I have a diagnostic process. I’ve got one more space open this week. If you’d like to fill out the link below, then I will give you a customized report on what things are locked and loaded and in alignment. What are your strengths and where are some of the places that we just made some few tweaks to it.

You could get off and running, you could absolutely pull the handbrake down, make sure you’re putting high performance fuel in your high performance car and yeah, have a lot of fun in the meantime whilst also bursting through those invisible glass ceilings of revenue. Profit of ease and just have a lot of fun and flow in the meantime. Kakate, I look forward to hearing from you. Bye for now.

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