STOP relying on a positive mindset and external strategies to fix this …

STOP relying on a positive mindset and external strategies to fix a problem that is energetic and internal.

High performers are used to being able to draw upon deep wells of energy to power their gargantuan goals, visions and desires.

But what happens when that well runs dry?

Burn out.



A shell of their former radiant selves.

Wanting to run away from the thing they’ve just spent the best years of their lives building and refining.

Naomi was feeling like this before she reached out for an energetic alignment session with me.

The things that came up were

– Personal blocks to seeing her true value and worth of the service she provides, and the years of expertise she brings to the table.

– Dogma & conditioning – working in a male dominated industry she had to claim her feminine essence to bring forth all of who she was and claim it as her unique point of difference.

– A healing of childhood memories, and an integration of these into a wholesome business identity that allowed all of the most cherished aspects of her to what she offers.

After the session she was able to see her situation clearly from all different aspects, her magnetism was amplified to what she wanted (not feeling trapped and stale about what she didn’t want) ..

AND as a result she was able to charge for the OVERALL transformation she offers AND the space that she holds for her clients,not just the hours it takes her to complete the service,

Here are her results

– Within 24 hours she sold a brand new high ticket client to a brand new offer that was worth significantly more than what she used to charge.

– Within 1 week she had not one, but THREE new clients at this new offer.

– All of whom paid deposits – a new development since our session, at an amount that was MORE than what she used to previously charge for her preliminary designs.

But most of all, what happened was that she unlocked her AUTHENTIC Self – it wasn’t strategy I shared with her, I helped her align to her truth, and unleash her personal power.

The beauty of this is that this isn’t just a one time thing, the benefits of this will cascade into every area of her life.

Her health, her relationships, her environment, her self love, her wealth …. The list goes on.

AND all the while she’ll be getting paid significantly more, delivering double the transformation with HALF (yes that’s right) HALF the work output.

This is what happens when you throw out old outdated paradigms that tell us that the harder we work, and the more we sacrifice, the more money we’re allowed to make (and then sabotage because we’re not actually allowed to enjoy it).


If you aren’t EMbodying all of who you are, and all of who you have come here to be


Then there is a level of money and abundance you are destined for, but not yet able to receive

and then not able to actually ENJOY.

If alignment is the vehicle you use to embody your dream.


Then Joy is your compass to guide your way.

If you know you need help to realign to a higher version of you – send me a DM.

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