“I knew working with Bianca was the catalyst that would elevate my business to multiple 7 figures”

“I knew working with Bianca was the cataylst that would elevate my business to multiple 7 figures”.

Within 6 months of my sis Candice Tahuri doing this breakthrough session with me, she had created a multiple 7 figure business …
in an entirely new industry.

From zero.

From the ground up.

She scaled into multiple 7 figures within MONTHS.

Within 6 months his session, she is about to open another office

Within 12 months she’s at 8 figures.



Just let that settle in.

She hadn’t yet reached 7 in her own business at the time.

But she was calling in multiple 7.

Then, following her intuition, gathering her vast repetoire of skills AND taking an untethered LEAP into creating new opportunities for herself.

She built it from scratch (within 3 months) in an entirely new industry.

She came in with such a different frequency and vibration into the sector that she blew it up.

It’s not been without huge learning curves, massive upgrades and weathering the storms – but she is a true representation of what it means to see yourself in your Greatest Potential …

And then the thing that most people DON’T do …

Is that – then she went AFTER it.

She said at the time.

” The outcome of my session is still to be seen, but every time I work with Bianca

I have made more money
I have freed up my life a lot more
I have bought more time back
I’ve deepened my relationships

I know this was the catalyst the thing that I needed to do , to elevate my business to multiple 7 figures.

And I’m really excited to let this manifest out into the world”

Manifest it did.

The thing is, Candice is a freaking mover, and a shaker, she is an incredible juggler and manifestor.

And the thing that really unleashed her potency in this sessio, was when she had attached making a lot of money – to a really difficult time in her life.
The lat time she was on this climb was when she was suffering from undiagnosed PND.

So her subconscious had attached her powers of wealth creation, to a very dark, depressing and solitary time in her life.

So why would she try to manifest more wealth, if her spirit thought that it came with that kind of baggage??

However, this was something we were able to retrieve, identify and release using my Abundance Vortex process (which is a combination of NLP, scale of consciousness, kinesiology and the chakra system)

And of course calling in Candice’s extra special Source, now that it was uninhibited to do what was needed to be done.

There’s no doubt she’s a freaking capable wahine, and she is the embodiment of the mana passed down from her tupuna.

I love her strength and her vulnerability she can hold all at once.

She is breaking generational patterns, making massive waves of positive health and wellness out into the community, creating opportunities and jobs for other Wahine Toa and she is doing all of us, her whanau and all the ancestors proud.

It’s my true honour to be able to help change makers like this, shake up their lives, and shake up their industries (and brand new ones!).

What is the future potential that is written for you but not YET manifested?

Candice in 2021 says “If you’re thinking about working with Bianca I 200% recommend it.”

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