The Little Known Shift to Confidently Charge High Ticket

The Little Known Shift to Confidently Charge High Ticket

Have you ever wondered why it can sometimes feel so uncomfortable to ask and receive money?

Especially when what you offer is actually really valuable, and life transforming.

Don’t worry – you are not alone.

Even when you do make high ticket sales – it can also feel really hard to just fall into the trap of over delivering.

Today I wanted to share with you a very powerful practise that will help anybody who’s feeling a bit disempowered around putting yourself out there and charging high ticket prices.

If you love helping people, you love talking to people – but somehow putting that in the context of asking for the sale – makes it feel a bit awks.

Then check this out.


Today I wanted to share with you a practice that will help anybody who’s feeling a bit disempowered around putting yourself out there about charging for your genius and your soul given gifts, and really creating a six figure business, a multiple six figure business that you can do working part-time.

So essentially this big shift of, going away from safe money and moving into soul money requires that you really bring yourself together. This means we need to contract all that dispersal of energy and focus on ourselves and our needs – which can be really difficult when you’re used to putting the needs of others first.

It can be really counterintuitive to not charge a high ticket price or to charge a high ticket price and then not do all this extra over delivery.

So what I find happens is that people, can create this incredible collateral and pieces or put this offer together, but if you don’t feel like you people are really gonna pay what it is that you’ve created, then sometimes it feels like, why even bother?

And I wanna share with you that this is a really common thing. It doesn’t have to be that way.

There is a way to really make selling just an authentic organic process. Cause you love helping people, you love talking to people.

Why is putting that on the other side of the financial transaction so scary to people? And I wanna share this with you first, okay?

Let me share with you the key to mastering heart centered, high converting sales conversations so that you can scale with certainty into six figures annually, six figure months, and do it in a way that lights you up that doesn’t sacrifice, the things that are really important to you, that doesn’t make you sell your soul along in the meantime.

And you can do it in a leverage way, a way that you’re not just trading time and energy and effort for money.

A lot of times people look on the outside and they see what people have and they start trying to do what people do, the strategy so that they can have the thing. You know, like if somebody sees somebody who has really got a banging body, they go, What have you been doing? I need to know what you’ve been doing. And people think of it as if it is a cause and not an effect. And the effect is that it’s actually more so who the person is Being.

You know, when somebody is BEING somebody, when who the person is “being”? When somebody is being somebody who values health, who values aliveness, who exercises, who thinks positive thoughts, the things that they DO are behaviors that reflect their values and who they are and their identity.

And then the results they get on the outside is just a foregone conclusion.

So what happens is people get confused, and this is what really happens with sales conversations as well, right? So people see there’s this like, like, why is that person making so much more money than I am? Or why are they so good at sales? Or there’s somebody who I’m like, I’m just as good as they are, You know, I’ve got the same gifts as they are, but they seem to be making so much more money or getting so many more opportunities. What people have on the outside is conviction.

Now you can pretend and to try and fake it till you make it, but it actually creates this really like inorganic structure. It collapses onto itself. And you’ll find you’ll have these ups and downs and ups and downs, and there will be people who will realize and pull back the curtain and realize that you’re being inauthentic, that you’re not delivering on the promises.

And that can be like termite in your belief system. So definitely faking it to you make it is really inorganic way of actually creating conviction. What you want to be DOING is things with CERTAINTY.

So the person who sells with conviction has a certainty within what it is that they’re selling. They have confidence that they have these unique gifts and they really have something in a unique offer and perspective to bring out to the world. And that’s because they first were able to be courageous, be somebody who courageously had courage and owned their value. So then they confidently went out there and spoke their truth from their heart. And because they did that, they had a level of certainty because they just kept on showing up and speaking their truth, showing up and speaking their truth. That certainty allowed them to have environment or applications of doing this again and again, right?

You get certainty from the experiences of seeing your process working again and again. And then that’s what gives you conviction. So the question really here is for you to think about where are you not courageously owning who you are? Who are you being when you look at your external results? Are you running away from opportunities? Are you constantly discounting? Are you getting nervous and anxious before you price present? O

Or are you just getting lost in the day to day and running in the opposite direction, right? Are you really putting yourself out there? The thing about creating and channeling your genius and standing in your power is that your unique gifts are actually so far back there in what you’ve achieve.

Like you’ve already done it. You’ve already nailed it. It’s so abc 1, 2, 3, easy peasy to you. And it’s often something that you’ve even discounted, like it’s come so easily to you.

You just didn’t even realize that that’s what people find valuable about you. And it’s often, it’s who you are being the space that you hold for others that allows the magic of alchemy, the magic of interaction, that actually creates the results. So instead, just think that you’re a conduit, you’re a catalyst and helping people create transformations, and it’s you just holding the space for the party, for people to really come and enjoy themselves at your party and get the results, get the outcomes that they really want, that really matter to them – that’s when sales stops being about you.

That’s when it stops being about whether or not you are being rejected or you are failing. It just becomes a thing of like, Hey, I’m having this awesome time at my party. Do you wanna come along? And that’s really what sales is, is hey, is if this is who you are, if you are this kind of person, I’m this kind of person I’ve got and this is what I’ve got.

And that’s all that sales is, right?

It’s, Hey, if this is who you are and you’re struggling with this, this is what I got. Do you want it? That’s all it is, those four things. So think about what is it that you can even just borrow courage, right? Instead of faking it till you make it. Think about something that you are really courageous at that you can really totally own. And it might be like, maybe you can courageously send a coffee back and say, That’s not how it likes it, right? Maybe you can courageously take your dog for a walk. Maybe you can courageously brush your teeth in the morning. Think about things that, um, become really quite effortless for you to really say, Hey, brushing my teeth, I’m worth brushing my teeth in the morning.

So I’m gonna brush my teeth like a lion. I’m gonna be like the most courageous toothbrusher this morning. That  allows you to start like emanating the frequency of courage through how you speak, through how you deliver, how you work with people, through how you interact before they become a client.

That’s how you start being the person who creates results as just like the results happen as a manifestation in your wake. It’s like you’re a speedboat. You are going, you know, a hundred miles an hour and the things that you achieve is just in behind you. It’s just the wake that happens behind you.

Hopefully that helps. Just know that there’s two elements to my work is essentially, well there’s kind of three.

The first one is just having this core confidence and sometimes there’s just energetic blocks that stop you from rippling out and just owning your genius, channeling it, being a conduit for it, for that higher intuition.

The second part really is creating structures that help you have a Reverse selling system. That is ensuring that you are selling something that is an alignment to you. That’s why it doesn’t feel like sales.

And then the third part is actual sales skills. Your actual sage communication skills. There are three different parts and a lot of the time there’s, you only have to like, uh, tap into this one here a little bit, tap into this one and get your perfect pitch nailed. And the sales skills don’t even have to be perfected or honed very much at all because you create so much of this selling magnetism from this courage, confidence, certainty, and conviction so that when people get on the call with you, it’s like just meeting as friends. You already like have this great rapport and resonance and the conversation happens to be more around, you know, how much is the person gonna spend with you?

Rather than if it’s not about, “if” I’ll work with you, it’s like “how” much will I spend?

And that’s why heart centered high converting sales conversation are heaps of fun too! Send me a dm and we can work out what it is for you. What, which one of those three things for you will help you move forward.

I actually do mapping sessions that will help you break through and, and diagnose where you’re going off.  Send me a DM or comment below, what was helpful for you here. Um, love having you share the word. More women, more conscious entrepreneurs, more healers, more gifted, talented, um, people who have so much ought to offer it in the world need to get better at selling. So I’m all about it. If you know any passionate entrepreneur who needs better at selling, bring them into this group. Would love to have them See you guys fine.


And just to give you some context, what we’ve spoken today actually lies in the very first step and the first phase of my signature Sovereign Sales Queen program.

So this is all about calibrating your soul money magic so that you can really embody confidence from the insight out and it radiates out into certainty and conviction in your sales conversations.

We also spoke about energetically aligning your soul money. So you’re making sure that you are selling your unique gifts and putting that out into the world in with a lot of conviction. And the million dollar message module helps you to do that.

So if you want me to walk you through a step by step action plan that you need to do, over the next 90 days to convert 50 to 80% of your inquiries so that you have the confidence and the conviction to reach for six figure years and then six figure months, then book a call on the link below.

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