How to Use Authority Positioning and Feminine Intuition to Close More Clients in an Enjoyable Way

How to Use Authority Positioning and Feminine Intuition to Close More Clients in an Enjoyable Way

Why do the people with the MOST transformational powers find themselves being financially rewarded the LEAST?

Why do the coaches, healers and consultants with the GREATEST talents find themselves drawing upon the SMALLEST pool of people they could be helping?

It’s because the system you’re being taught is broken.

It’s not for you.

And yes there is a better way.

We are at a dawn of a new era.


The transformational healer and coach who is also handsomely financially rewarded, living in peaceful prosperity in alignment with their values.


We’re forging a new future together.


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So I have been having some great conversations with fellow coaches, healers and consultants, and we’ve been having some pretty big discussions and asking some big questions.

So I wanted to go through this with you. Here’s the big question.

Why are there so many talented, heart-centered and soul led healers who have not locked in a high performing sales funnel despite investing bucket loads of cash, time and effort?

Why do so many transformational coaches really struggle with building predictable income online?

Why are there so many talented, magical, heart centered and soul led healers who have not locked in a high performing sales funnel despite investing bucket loads of cash, time and effort, and even heartbreakingly so?

So, so I wanna share with you, this is my passionate entrepreneurs sales power pyramid.

So I’ve been working on this for a little while when I relate to women’s empowerment, and it’s a good question.

I think firstly, if we have a look at how people who are really sensitive, intuitive, and highly skilled at healing people and helping them create transformational insight out results, what often happens is when you’re an expert, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re good at being a sales person or being really proficient in business.

They’re two different skill sets, but it doesn’t immediately disqualify you if you don’t have that skill set. But what I find is that there are these four main archetypes and level of empowerment when it comes to sales.

So there is the overgiving savior, there is the hustling warrior, the evolving princess, and the liberating queen. And it’s all in this level of how well can somebody convert inquiries in interest into paying clients who, you know, really, really love the service and become raving fans.

So what you’ll actually find is that when you’re in that overgiving savior mode, you’re actually so connected into being of service. You kind of end up being a slave to your own business. When you move into the hustling warrior, this is when you’re kind of like, you’re hustling, you’re making things happen, you’re, you know, hustling, busting, and you’re, you are really sort of still feeling like it’s a battle to work through this, the evolving princess.

Now, this is when like a lot of my fellow sale, high ticket sales closes, we are in here as the evolving princess because there’s this element of, you know, great skill when it comes to selling, but you haven’t really stepped up into your queen. You’re maybe hiding behind, hiding behind, um, you know, another figurehead perhaps.

And so what I find is of transformational coaches, 50% of them relate to sales as if they are this overgiving savior archetype. 30% relate to the hustling warrior. 10% are in this evolving princess and 10% in the Queen.

So as you can see, the vast majority of people who are really amazing at transformation kind of really struggle when it comes to holding strong boundaries when it comes to sales. And you know, me personally, I probably can only think of a handful of very small, handful of, um, transformational coaches who are also really adept at sales, building sales funnels, and taking sales calls. And most of them are my close friends.

So what I wanna share with you is what, what do we actually do when we are relating to sales? This is what I call the magnetic sales matrix. So the, um, the vertical line, the Y axises talks about your energy, okay? So we’re plotting the feminine energy, which is more influential and intuitive, and the masculine energy, which is more directive and logical. So this is, this x a axis is more about your expert positioning.

So when you don’t have any expert positioning, you’re more like a commodity. There’s nothing that really makes you special or stand out. And when you are, um, really positioning your expert authority, you are an authority. So it’s kinda like the difference between perhaps like the authority that a heart surgeon would communicate to the parents of a newborn who requires heart surgery, that kind of authority versus perhaps the person who tries to spray perfume at you when you walk past, um, when you walk past at the plaza.

So it’s very vast this way that people relate to sales. And when we talk about sales, not everybody is talking about actually the same thing. And I wanna explain that to you. So when you think about the person who’s, you know, trying to get your attention, somebody’s selling raffle tickets, Yes, that’s sales, but you’re selling a commodity that maybe isn’t really even that special, what somebody doesn’t even want.

And you’re using all your masculine energy to drive. And so that’s when you become exhausted and you feel like you’re an unwelcome pest.

When you move up into this next quadrant, this is when you’re using more of your feminine influence and intuition, but haven’t built up the authority building structures in your business for people. You know, you kind of like the world’s best secret cause you spent so much time dedicating to the mastery of your craft, but you haven’t actually, you haven’t actually let enough people know about what, what it is that you do.

So you’re in this wishing zone. This is where I just see people get friend zone, incredible people, and I listen to the calls, I listen to, um, what happens. And really when you’re relating to somebody like you’re a friend and you are, you know, having a beautiful, soulful connection with somebody, and then they just turn into a friend who doesn’t buy, right?

That’s when you’re relating in the wishing zone. Then if this is what most people identify sales within the coaching industry, because the traditional systems are actually all about using your authority, but using the masculine energy to just direct and be logical and drive and strive towards the outcome, which is really in the forcing zone. And that’s what creates a lot of burn and churn. Um, when you think about, you know, just talking about playing a numbers game, right? Like I’ve just gotta get through 25, you know, preliminary, uh, connection calls, then I’ve gotta get 10 of those people on a sales call.

Then I’m gonna close five of those for somebody who’s actually really skilled and talented for what they do. Who wants to do that? I mean, unless those 25 people are like people that are, you know, potentially gonna be really high ticket clients or they’re really your soul connection clients, I don’t know. I don’t know many people who are at a level in their business, um, and who wanna keep on doing that. I just don’t know because you are churning through your own energy or you are burning through yourself.

but you know, that’s also where a lot of toxic sales power lives because people can make a lot of money burning and churning through other, like, salespeople, staff members, you know, audiences, you know, not delivering great results cuz you’re spending all your time on your phone trying to sell people into the program that you’ve got no time or attention to ensure that there’s a real, uh, high standard of delivery.

So where we really want to be is in this feminine, uh, feminine zone where we’re really tuned in and tapped and turned on and tapped in, and we’re also using our authority of our skills. And if you are sort of being one of those people who’ve been like a telemarketer, just calling somebody as soon as they opt into your, your lead magnet or whatever, it immediately ruins your positioning.

When you think about a surgeon, a surgeon’s not ringing you up saying to you, Oh, you know, is there any surgery you need to get done? No , right? You go to the surgeon. So some of those systems actually ruin your positioning and put you in the exhaust in the forcing zone. And I think a lot of magical masters intuitively pick up on that and see that. So when we’re in this magnetic flow zone, this is when we’re curating peaceful prosperity.

This is when we’re attracting dream clients for a perfect match to work with us. Uh, we’re creating meaningful leverage income. So we’re escaping that it, uh, changing, exchanging time for money game, and we are really creating a movement. Um, it’s something that has momentum outside of yourself. It, you know, I’ve just been having people reach into my inbox lately, you know, because we are creating a movement. The, you know, it’s something that’s so great that people are like, Yeah, I wanna be a part of it. Um, so let me show you how this applies to magical masters to people who are really expert at the transformational skills.

Okay? So first of all, this is where you at. So when you’re in that overgiving save mode, you’re really in this wishing zone. Um, and So when, so when you’re in overgiving, you’re really in this wishing zone. Oh yeah, that’s good. Okay, so when you are in this overgiving save it, you’re in the red zone, you’re in this wishing zone.

What I find is also the way women, um, Okay, so most transformational coaches are actually sitting in this wishing zone. Then they use a little bit of this magnetism. So this peaceful prosperity, um, is definitely there and, uh, able for them to tap into. But if they use the usual traditional systems, it kind of feels like forcing and it just ends up going nowhere. Y

ou’re always at this income ceiling. Now, if we think about what the traditional system looks like, it’s actually what we get taught and what we got plugged into has a lot of this forcing burden shown. It is a patriarchal system, how people relate to sales and what happens when anybody, you know, there’s a reason why there is only a nine month, um, life span of, of sales. Um, you know, there’s a reason why a salesperson has a nine month, um, career. You know, there’s a reason why a salesperson has a nine month career lifespan, okay?

Because when you’re in the forcing, you are going to have to pay it back. You’re going to have to, you will burn out, you will go into this place where you’re feeling exhausted, and this is a pendulum. This is like, we just have to pay it back. And as a result of this, what is, you know, sure the transformational coach, when they employ a traditional sales system, they will reduce their wishing zone into a healthy manner.

They will, um, you know, ra they will step out of this quadrant, but they also reduce their magnetism, right? It’s actually the thing that makes them really good.

They might make more sales, but they maybe won’t make, uh, the same amount of money. It might take them way longer to make even less money trying to force themselves to do something that’s really not truly in their flow zone. So that’s like the ultimate, if you’re not feeling good about something, then again, you’ll have to pay back the consequences of that. So now, once you’ve had this little place we have to burn, we will burn out.

We will start to doubt ourselves. We will retract in our own like how we shine out into the world, and now we have to pay back the psychic energy of trying to do something that wasn’t in alignment. So if we just bounce back here, this is where we were before, you try to inject yourself into that traditional sales system, masculine sales system, uh, but now what happens is your magnetism is even further reduced from where you were and you, you sure you’re not forcing, but it’s kind of like you’ve kind of boxed yourself in this perpetual cycle.

And that’s why I think people feel so burned. You know, they feel burned because they’ve actually compromised on the things that are so special to them. Um, they’ve compromised on their own intuition and it, it actually takes away the je ne sais pa , the magnetic vortex that is you. And it’s really sad to see, cuz it makes, it makes people think that they can’t ever really step out, that they’ll always be somebody who’s just a best kept secret. So how do we break this wheel? How do we get into this place where we’re in magnetic flow, in this peaceful prosperity, using our influential and intuitive feminine energy systems, but also matching it with the masculine structures of authority building. How are we going to create that?

Because it’s not just this place, it’s actually there’s another step forward of not only not only selling one to one, not only working one to one, but working with groups, selling to groups, and really stepping into your queens room or your kingdom and sell and liberating people creating a movement that has more momentum to it without you putting your energy into it.

Okay? So it stops, it becomes a self-perpetuating cycle. It, uh, regenerates on itself instead of just being in this place of burning and churning and taking from you. So, so the question is how do we match the people who have the best skills with the people who need it the most? And that’s not, you know, trying to sell to your besties in the coaching world, or people who are a little bit behind you or, you know, trying, everyone trying to cash in on this, you know, coach Ponzi scheme.

We have a few ideas, but we want your input on what you think you need to be able to get into that place of peaceful prosperity where you don’t have to compromise on those values of yours. You know, if you are frustrated with the human centered of the coaching industry that, um, you know, just passing on undigested information to the next person, to the next person until you’ve got this really , really hollow pile of insect shit, perhaps, um, if, you know, if you’re sick and frustrated and you know you have something legitimately incredible to offer the world, let’s talk, let’s talk, Um, because this is not a pipe dream.

This is not a pipe dream. This is where we live. This is where Kylie and I live. This is where we’re helping our clients move into and our coaches move into. And I really do think it is gonna change the industry. It’s gonna change, it’s gonna help us who have the highest level of integrity escape the game that makes us compromise on the very things that make us special. So I guess the question then allows us to transform into how could we plug you into an ecosystem that will allow you to quit the system, to quit the human centered so you can just dedicate to speaking your truth, building up your authority and deepening your mastery.

Wouldn’t that just like, imagine if all those things would go away, all those annoying things, wouldn’t that be awesome?

Well, look, we’ve got some awesome cool things to share with you. Let’s talk, reach out because I think we’re just gonna put together a little info night a little, um, circle. And I really wanna be calling in people who, um, are looking to get their work out into the world in a really impactful way. That doesn’t mean that they have to do it all by themselves, feels collaborative instead of competitive, feels expansive instead of contracted. And, um, yeah, just really allows you to, you know, just dedicate to doing your

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