3 Critical Focus Areas for Passionate Entrepreneurial Women Who Want To Charge High Ticket Confidently

3 Critical Focus Areas for Passionate Entrepreneurial Women Who Want To Charge High Ticket Confidently

There are some really common mistakes I see with passionate entrepreneurial women with very talented gifts who aren’t being supported by their business as much as they support their clients.

I see them ….

> under charging and over delivering

> waiting for approval and permission before decisively taking action instead of just diving in deep and backing themselves.

> feeling anxious before sales conversations and discounting, or letting people go away and think about it without following them up,

> believing peoples objections as truth rather than just the evidence of why their prospective client truly just NEEDS the service they are offering.

> neglecting building the systems, structures and procedures their business needs to grow

> subconsciously and consciously sabotaging their business growth

> overwhelmed with the details of tech and strategy and implementation

> Struggling under the weight of all the roles in their lives – mother, friend, wife, child, visionary leader, fiscally responsible business owner, masterful coach with total skill conviction .

1. Raise your Wealth resonance

I think it’s a hangover from our days as healers when we would be burnt at the stake for being a witch – seeing as accepting payments for our herbs, medicine, wisdom and or our connection to God outside of the church was considered blasphemous. I mean, a simple walk in the forest talking to your pet aka your familiar was once enough

Not exchanging a large sum of money for our work gives us a level of safety in hiding.

I also think as very sensitive beings, who are so deeply connected into nurturing and giving – receiving money for the gift they are bestowing feels awkward.

And yet, they’re often also in a level of scarcity that they also feel resentful that their business doesn’t pay them more.

We need to first name and notice the prices that we feel “comfortable” to charge – but also to extrapolate the life transformational value of what it is that you actually do.

So that the price you charge seems like pittance in exchange for the results your clients actually experience.

Dismantle the drama cycle of the Overgiving saviour – nobody needs you to rescue them and sacrifice yourself in the process. Become their Dedicated Advocate instead and lead them to a future vision that is greater than the one they have for themselves.

2. Make space for Integration. Pace between learning and implementation

There are visibility blocks we need to work through for heart centred women, we carry wounds from our past that stop us standing as our full most bright and shining light for all to see.

In order to build the 6 figure business that turns into 6 figure months and can scale to 7…. There needs to be spaciousness inbuilt into your journey time that paces your awakening, learning and implementation.

We have to confront our inner Good Girl to stand out and say what it is we really stand for and against in order to be the leader that our business and clients requires .

We have to be loud and outspoken instead of shy and timid.

We have to be defiant and challenge the status quo.

We have to swallow our pride and not take rejection personally

We have to stoke our ego, swallow our self indulgent vomit and become a self-promoter

We have to be courageous to carve out a new future of possibilities for our family, that our parents most likely did not have.

We have to grow into the powerful and feminine leader we were born to be.

It is tough!

It is an inner and an outer battlefield and transmutation occurring and so there needs to be time in between learning, shifting, pondering, creating, implementing, refining and then mastering.

It takes time!

And it’s okay to let it take the time it has to take.

3. Remember change can be instant
Whilst it does usually take time to create change – change can also be instantaneous


– I don’t work with people who aren’t committed to the mastery of their craft
– I don’t work with people who jack up their prices and sell something cheap and nasty and empty hollow promises
– I can’t work with people who can’t see through their own bullshit when the promises they make on the front of their shop are out of congruence with the life they’re actually living at the back of the shop

Mostly those people are narcissists and probably wouldn’t be reading this far into a blog so if you’re reading this right now, it’s cool – we can be friends

I’m totally okay with you getting fast results

I’m totally okay with you letting it take the time it needs to take

I’m totally okay with you listening to my strategic advice and then getting an idea that goes in completely a different direction,

I’m totally okay with you creating something and allowing it ti be an evolving process as you grow, your business can grow with you – as long as you leave footpaths and steps that your prospective clients can follow and join you in their own time.

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