Caleb Lesa – Testimoinal

Feeling really chuffed about how my work is evolving .. very grateful to share my Islander bro Caleb‘s words about our session.


This was one of the most valuable breakthrough 1:1 coaching sessions I think I’ve ever done, I’d do this over and over gain with EASE the sheer awareness and new direction I have now is easily worth 100x what I paid – not even exaggerating

100x might even been conservative some of the realisations I had are going to truly last a freaking life time, huge blocks I’ve had for years hahaha just gone when you do that funny finger thing (IYKYK)

“There are few words to describe my experience with Bianca

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve met another coach who has such a powerful balance of understanding and direct no bullshit

I had some big questions to answer in my business about general direction, I was really at a pivot point which was really scary to admit after 6 years in business

Questions like, who is my true audience that I’m supposed to serve, what’s my true genius, which way should my business go, what am I supposed to even offer them right now?

The way she’s able to drill down so quickly and precisely on the biggest blockages in my way was unlike anything I’ve experienced, finding profound connections that had been holding me back for years

Post session felt like an atom bomb was set off (in the best way) – it provided a really clean slate to rebuild and redirect myself based on what was my TRUE calling and genius

Her post session support has also been incredibly generous, and I’d felt taken care of all the way through the process

If you’re considering giving Bianca a go, I can wholeheartedly recommend her with every fibre of being being.

Surrender to the underknown, step into the void and allow her to work her magic. You absolutely won’t regret it!

Do it now, yes you reading, click that button wherever it is and do it now. “
Also. Typical Sales Wizard … of course he puts a CTA on my post before I’m ready to put one out.
But if you’d like a Soul Money Mapping session please send me a DM and I can open up a couple of special spots in the next week or so.
So pushy bro! lol 😉

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