Breaking through a Sales Drought with Record Months – Just By Being Herself


Okay, Kia Ora let’s start with our gratitude practice. Um, Sarah

Sarah: Wins or gratefulness. So, um, I’ve had my biggest month ever in my business in terms of cash collected. So I’ve collected over $45,000 this month. Um, and I was on holiday for the start of it, so that kind of feels cool. Um, and just all of it’s feeling easeful, so I haven’t had to force any of it. It was literally, oh, just checking in. I wanna lock in those dates. And they’re like, yes, what do you need to lock them in? I was like, some Monday <laugh>, please let, let me send you, let me send you an invoice. And I literally, how cute is this? They’re a business association, so they banked me a check, like they walked down to the bank and banked the check-ins that the cash was in there the next day. Um, I was like, I checks sort of thing. Anyway, um, so that happened. So that was awesome.

Bianca : I think, um, the theme that’s coming up for me is about maintaining faith and trust even when all your circumstances around you are kind of like, <laugh> are kind of like trying to convince you to the opposite, you know? Um, and I guess when you first reached out to me, um, you’re very diligently and I wanna like preemt for everybody about your level of diligence in creating systems and you’re the strategy queen and, um, you know, where were you before and what did you have to realize to bring this new level of flow and of ease?

Sarah: So I love building the systems and the processes. Like that’s my jam. Like I feel very comfortable there. I can spend all day building the processes around it. So I’ve got really good systems and I had been like scripting things and putting them all in the right place and organizing it so I can do it, my team can do it. And everyone kept looking at it going, it’s right. And I was like so frustrated by, um, I had all the right processes and I had all the right language everyone keep telling me, and yet I could not get it to click. Um, and so,

Bianca: And not clicking looks like

Sarah: No sales,

Bianca: No. Yeah, no sales. But it was like even the things that happened before sales about having really rewarding, powerful, aligned conversation. You know, you were, um, you shared that with me, um, <laugh>, I guess we’ll just do the podcast right now, right? Yeah. Um, <laugh>, well you shared with me, um, your screenshots of everything you’re doing and everything was, you were executing perfectly. But I was like, from what I can see of you and what’s happening, it’s, it’s there. It’s like it’s wrong. And you, I was like, what, what state are you in when you’re doing this? And you were saying that, um, you just wanted to make sure that you can be of service and deliver value, but it wasn’t translating through a different script and system and then to systemize, it’s like, like trying to systemize the heart and the personality. How can you really like give that to somebody else when it’s not embodied in the strategic processing?


Yeah. And, and so it was really about going, if I met these people in real life, what would I do? And like, what would Sarah do <laugh> instead of like, what does the script say Sarah should do? Which was the bit where I was getting stuck. I was like, what would I actually do? Like if I met these people having a coffee or at a business event, what would I say? Um, and if they asked for a copy of my book and I gave them a copy of my book, what would I say? Like, and so getting back to that and then going, actually I feel far more comfortable talking to them than chatting with them. Like again, who has time for this? Um, and so I started sending audio messages that were just me literally saying, oh, you know, I’ve stoked that you’ve decided to make 2023 this year or year to like not let your business drive you into the ground. Um, and I’ve got these extra resources, would they be useful? Um, and just started off with that. And then when they joined the group, same thing. Hey, love that you’re here. Um, I know that we all feel a bit [inaudible] but shy when we come into these places. So really love it if you introduce yourself to everyone, but if that feels too much, just let me know where you’re at and what you do and those sorts of things.

Bianca: So beautiful.

Sarah:  Yeah. And also like, and say, and this is why I think you should introduce yourself, and I tell a story about one of my best business friends that I met inside one of those groups and we ended up going to Las Vegas for a week together and then we do business together now. And you know, I said, you know, you just don’t know who’s lurking in the shadows, but if you don’t introduce yourself, you’ll never find out. So I just got back to being me. It doesn’t mean that the other stuff doesn’t work, it just wasn’t me. It wasn’t a line for me and it just felt clunky, basically.

Bianca: Well it sounds like to me, you took the parts that work, you took like the, the formula of what works and you just filtered it through, but who was Sarah? Yeah. And now knowing this strategic, uh, you know, input now be like, now that I know this, now which decision will I make? Which part will I do here? And so you’ve really made it authentically you at each point. And I think it’s really lovely cuz if somebody walked into a room where you were at and it was your business room, you know, would you really stand there going, Hey, what do you do? Hey, what do you do? Yeah. Oh, quick question. Like you just would never do that.


Sarah: No, no. Tur lots more words come outta my mouth than that. So, um, <laugh>. So I just think it was kinda that I was like, oh, I’m over talking it and I’m getting into chats and, and that’s okay. That’s me. Like, I don’t wanna go off down a rabbit warren about like, you know, who did you know when you were at school when you were 10? Yeah. And, and it’s okay to have much more rapport, which is what I have. Like, they all, the difference is they all go, you sound like me, like you, you are me. And it doesn’t, doesn’t matter whether I’ve got a Kiwi accent or not. Like obviously my Kiwis like relate to that. But um, even for, um, Australians and Americans, they’re kinda like, oh, you’re telling my story. Like, oh, that’s me. Like I’m doing that. You know? So I’ve got the language, the right language now for them as well.

Bianca: Yeah. Like, what do you find is the difference? Like what, how, how do you find that your energy has shifted now and you’re making all these sales? It’s kinda like a big mixing pot. It’s not like you can necessarily say it was this one strategy that made all the difference. And also that’s work that you’ve done incredible, you know, you’ve consistently been doing good work and you create great results for people. So it’s like the swirling mass of it all. You really just unblocked, unblocked the flow. But tell me like, if you were to compare and contrast where you were then feeling stuck and where you are now feeling ease and flow, what do you feel like was the shift?

Sarah: So I think it was very, I was like always, I felt like I was always on edge and I was like, ah, I’ve gotta get these calls booked in and I’ve gotta, I have to, when I get on the call, I have to close, you know, I must make a sale and da da da. And I hadn’t recognized how much of that was showing up. And so what happened was I wasn’t even getting the calls because there was so much tension around the calls. And when I went, oh, I just need to come back and go when I do this, when I welcome people, when I make them feel welcome, when I make sure they’ve got everything they need to get the result, if they execute it, then they naturally book a call and also letting go of the timeframes that I thought it didn happen on.

So I think the other thing I’ve constantly said is my woman take a long time to warm up to me and I keep trying to force it to shut it down and they just, they like, just the number of calls I get on when are like, oh, I’ve been following you for 18 months. And I’m like, okay. But they just need that time. Like they’ve been burnt before or they’ve never been coached before, like one of those two options and that’s okay. Like there’s no rush and they’ll come to me in the right time. And I think what’s been really cool about that is it means when they come to me, they’re ready to take action and they’re doing the work really quickly. So that’s cool. So it feels easeful. There’s no tension around. I don’t feel so tight around it. Um, I do a lot less for it.

And in me becoming more me, um, Dolly Marie, who’s my VA has become more Dolly Marie and so she’s kind of been able to step in and be her like, which is kind of nice that cause before she was like, oh, you know, like, do I go and be you or do I be, yeah, you’re right hand girl, or I’m like, just be my right hand girl. Like that’s who you are. Like you make me look good. And so, um, we’ve started that kind of banter for me as well. Like, so when we’re on a workshop, hey, this is Dolly, she’s my right hand girl, she doesn’t like to talk, she’s quite shy, she’ll chat with you in the chat box, but she won’t talk on here. She just here to make me look good and everyone laughs and I go, you need, you need a Dolly Marie in your life.

Amazing sort of, um, I do a lot less for it. And in me becoming more me, um, Dolly Murray, who’s my VA has become more Dolly Marie. And so she’s kind of been able to step in and be her like, which is kind of nice that because before she was like, uh, you know, like, do I go and be you or do I be your right hand girl? Or I’m like, just be my right hand girl. Like, that’s who you are. Like, you make me look good. And so, um, we’ve started that kind of banro for me as well. Like, so when we’re on a workshop, hey, this is Dolly, she’s my right hand girl. She doesn’t like to talk. She’s quite shy. She’ll chat with you in the chat box, but she won’t talk on here. She’s just here to make me look good and everyone laughs and I go, you need, you need a Dolly Marie in your life. So it’s amazing, sort of

Bianca: Amazing. I realized that you said, oh, I’m kind of contributing to the noise. Mm-hmm. And what, what’s really shines from you is that like your embodied genuine care for your mission, for your people that you work with is so evident. And it’s like, um, you know, when you take on board somebody else’s way of doing something and when strategic coaches write, especially when it’s dudes and dudes are like, so in that masculine flow of like, tell me the problem and I’ll give you the answer. Tell me this, then I’ll, whereas, you know, I think when it’s different when you’re selling to women and also being yourself, just taking that little moment to like connect in and go, Hey, I feel you. I’ve been there before. I appreciate your voice. Like your contribution to this community is important. Like finding your business bestie from this group.

Like you’re really getting, and I’m getting chills just feeling like just that time to take the space and to care. I think that speaks volumes and I’ve recognized that, um, it’s the things that you’ve gone through in your life and where you are right now, that actually is the most magnetic part about you. And I think that it came up in your mapping session, the clunkiness that Dolly Marie was, feel like it even came up like shame in the team. Yeah. Because there was no level of empowerment around her to be herself. And it’s like everything you stand for is for you, like for women empowerment and reclaiming your time and reclaiming your freedom. So if you aren’t embodying that in every step of your journey, it eats away at us. It nors away at us, you know, and it erodes our own conviction. And then we turn our own high level of integrity back on ourselves and then we go, well, who am I to be offering this?

Like, who am I investigating any part of a woman’s life? When you realized you didn’t, you, you didn’t ask for help, the help was always there for you, but there was a, Hmm, you know, there’s a level of shame and a level of vulnerability that doesn’t feel comfortable to be like, oh, I just wanna like put on, pull on like big girl’s pennies. I can do it. I, and it’s almost like as well, this false economy thinking that you are saving money by not asking for help. You know, like there’s so many times where, um, I think, oh, you know, I’ll put the kids into, um, into daycare instead of, which is like 60 bucks for the three of them. Um, instead of the nanny, which is two 50, and I’m like, oh my gosh. But I would rather, I would rather spend the whole day doing outreach, you know, and having great conversations with people, then doing my laundry, then doing my cooking, and then looking after my kids. Please. Somebody else look after my kids <laugh>. So like, just hearing what you stand for just makes me go, oh, I just love her. You know, I just love, I love you, love what you stand for. I love what you shared about, you know, your language and embracing Tao, you know, and what that means to you. Um, so I just wanna say mad congrats and you know, welcome home to you.

Sarah: Yeah. It’s so good. I think it’s really easy to get lost on it. Business journey, like armor arm, arm wrap. And so it’s nice to kind of go, oh, I’ve taken it off and it’s not so heavy anymore. It could just be me.


That’s beautiful. That’s beautiful. Well, I.

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