Your path to ENJOYABLE weight loss and GENUINE Body Confidence (Part 5/5)

Your path to ENJOYABLE weight loss and GENUINE Body Confidence (Part 5/5)

Yesterday I PROMISED I’d give you an opportunity to learn EVEN MORE about our Emotional Healing Based Weight Loss Method.

Can you believe we’ve spent five days together, hanging out in your inbox? Is it just me or has this been kinda fun??

I know you have a lot going on right now and I feel really honoured that you’ve opened each of these emails!

The truth is, when I was going through this it was my secret shame, and even though I could hide the behaviours, I was wearing all my negative choices on the outside for anybody to see.

In fact when I first spoke to Kylie I was truly convinced I was severely broken. I blamed it all on the Jane Fonda dieting tips of the 80’s that must have been passed on to me by my mother! *(Sorry mum 😉 But I was shocked to realise Kylie understood my issues such a matter of fact way!

First I was gob-smacked to realise it was actually a “thing” and relieved to realise I wasn’t the only one! And then I was so damn sobbing-in-my-hands-grateful to discover Kylie actually had a radically fast tracked way to help me solve a struggle that had plagued my every day for almost a decade!

You and I both know that staying motivated and with a positive mindset can be hard.

But, sometimes it can be easier when you have the right people around you.

The Food Freedom Formula is our proven system to help you

Get off the Diet Misery Go Round and Make Peace with your Plate in 90 days

It’s an all in one program that helps you:

Kickstart your Motivation from a place of self compassion
Get Back On Track with healthy eating and build habits that last.
Master your Emotional Eating so you’re finally in control of your cravings

It’s a complete game changer and most of our clients tell us that the change they have made are priceless – so do their husbands *wink wink*

Well I have some good news… Soon, we’ll be opening enrolment for The Food Freedom Formula right now ONLY for a small amount of time.

We only like to take on a certain number of clients at one time, so we’re very selective as to when we invite new clients onboard.

If you’d like to put your name on the waitlist so that you’re the first to know when we open the doors click here and you’ll be hearing from us!

See you soon!

Bianca & Kylie

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