Workshop Prep

Kia Ora e Hoa

Welcome my Friend!

I’m so excited to be working with you and taking you through these next steps together.

Please watch the video below and then kick off with the instructions below.

Step 1.

Please brain dump your answers to these questions in a google document and share them with me at

1. What are the problems / pains / frustrations that wake your ideal client up in a cold sweat at 2am?

2. What are the questions they are asking themselves? or what would they type into a google search bar?

3. What would you wrap up and give in exchange that they would be thrilled to receive as a soothing balm to their wounds?

Step 2.

Give yourself some time and space to connect with these questions.

Get ready for our workshop. Add it to your calendar and be ready to take action!

I’m so looking forward to witnessing your genius!

Ka kite! see you soon!

Aroha nui much love
Bianca xx