Why having more will power won’t solve anything

Why having more will power won’t solve anything

Going through some old fitness and diet plan books – this is a quote I found.


I used to believe this about willpower too – that I would become stronger by forcing myself to do things…

What I discovered is that willpower is an exhaustible resource.

Have you ever found that?

When you’ve pushed and pulled and fought your way to a particular weight — and then you relaxed.. .

Did you discover that well of willpower was bone dry?

And it was like you were powerless to stop yourself when temptation reared its ugly head again.

It’s like when you dig a hole in the sand in the shallow tide at the beach.

Sure you can frantically dig a hole with your hands – and VOILA at one point in time – yes you’ve emptied out all the water… But for how long?

It’s the same when you use willpower to achieve your ideal weight… Instead of trying to overpower your excuses with reasoning and logic…

Ask yourself WHY do you have those excuses in the first place?

WHAT are they keeping you safe from?

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