Why do you feel so conflicted about your body?

Why do you feel so conflicted about your body?

This magazine cover is the perfect example of why you feel so conflicted about your body.

“Drop One Size” – suggests you should want to drop one size regardless of your current size.

“The Fitspo Issue – Get Your Fittest Body & Mind Ever” – this language encourages you to always strive for more and better. That’s all well and good in theory – until the next issue when they tell you now your boobs are too saggy, or your thighs not gappy enough. So regardless of what you achieve – you’re led to believe that you should always be
dissatisfied with your achievements and always move the goal posts.

“Stop Negative Brain Chatter” – How much of the negative chatter wouldn’t exist if werent for a photo of the gorgeous woman and the message you need to drop one size!?!

“Is The Gym Destroying Your Looks” They tell you that you need to go to the gym to change your body – and then in the same breath tell you that going to the gym could be destroying your looks.

AND they insinuate that going to to the gym “for your looks” is your main aim – and that they are easily “destroyed”.

Our subconscious mind is ever observant – it soaks these messages up like a sponge – without question.

You can take back your power when you do not buy these magazines OR buy IN to these messages.

Never accept anybody’s definition of your body.

Define your own.


Bianca x


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