Trying to Lose Weight and fighting a “Stubborn Weight Set Point”

Trying to Lose Weight and fighting a “Stubborn Weight Set Point”



Hi there, Wonder Woman.

I work with really driven, hardworking, overachieving women who find that they can be really successful in their career and their job – but when it comes to losing weight, it’s always been this on-again, off-again updown rollercoaster, and they just feel really jaded by the whole process again. They just want to find out a way to eat normally and feel happy and comfortable in their own skin.

The problem is that if you have found this on-again, off-again, on-again, off-again kind of up-down relationship with your weight, it’s because there is a safety set point where your body actually feels like it would be under threat if it was slimmer than that. And that actually is because we’re almost genetically identical to our hunter-gatherer ancestors over 120,000 years ago.

But back then the stresses in our life were more like don’t starve to death, don’t freeze to death, or don’t get eaten.

It’s like a hormonal chain reaction – a perfect storm of cortisol, leptin and insulin that actually makes you crave fatty foods (and lots of them), makes you feel really sluggish and lethargic so you don’t burn much energy, makes you store fat really stubbornly so you can’t lose weight, and then also slows down your metabolism.

It’s like you can just look at burger and fries and you start putting on weight.


You can force your body to lose weight – but nothing and nobody can force it to stay off.

So, if because of the stresses in your life you’ve kicked of this evolutionary fail-safe mechanism, your fat switch, then no matter how much willpower you use, you can force your body to lose weight – but nothing and nobody can force it to stay off.

It’s kind of like trying to have a sleep famine. You can starve yourself off sleep for a certain period of time but eventually you’re going to have a big sleep binge – and that’s what’s going on hormonally.

Now the work that we do is help you shine a light on the subconscious programs that are actually kicking off this starvation mode, this feeling of low-level chronic anxiety. And a lot of this is kicked off by the high expectations that we put on ourselves, the constant to do-lists, like just always doing, doing, doing, being really busy; and the self-rejection, beating ourselves up when we can’t be perfect.

That is one side of the pendulum, and it often throws us into the other side of the pendulum where you say, “Well, if I can’t be perfect at being perfect, I’m going to be perfect at being horrible.” And that’s when we emotional eat and fall into the arms of rocky road ice cream and wine.

When you’ve got this pendulum happening, it’s because you are trying to look at a symptom and treat it like it’s the cause instead of going deep within and understanding that there’s a root cause happening and your body is just the projector screen for your mind.

So there’s a bunch of hormonal chain reaction that’s kicking off this stubborn weight set point that your body only feels safe to be at – because it feels that feeling of not enoughness, that feeling like you can never give yourself a break, your body’s like “Oh, there must be a shortage of food” or “There must be a shortage of warmth.”

Like somewhere along the line my survival is being threatened and my animal mind, my cavewoman brain, is thinking the best way to do it is to crave fatty foods, slow down my metabolism, feel really sluggish and lethargic, and hold on to fat really stubbornly.


We’ve got to figure out a way to communicate through your subconscious mind that it is safe for you to be slim.

If you want to know the number one thing that’s kicking off your internal fat switch and creating this weight safety set point, then the fastest way to find that out is to book in for a Body Breakthrough Session. In this call, we actually help you uncover those layers and put together a plan together so that you can move forward on your own or with us in one of our programs.

The other thing you could do is jump on to one of our weekly trainings, our Body Confidence Blueprint, where we actually help you understand where your image, your choices and your energy are actually creating this sinkhole of self-sabotage, of unhealthy choices, of lackluster energy and negative critical body image that’s just sort of making it feel like you’re swirling the drain and there’s no way out.

So if you want help, pull yourself out of this idea that you can muscle yourself over the line and try to bite and force your body – because your body will always win. We’ve got to figure out a way to communicate through your subconscious mind that it is safe for you to be slim – there’s an abundance of food, there’s an abundance of love, and abundance of warmth.

That way we can give a signal to let your body release these outer layers of protection.

I hope that’s helped.

Bianca x

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