The Little Known Shift to Confidently Charge High Ticket

The Little Known Shift to Confidently Charge High Ticket

Creating an online program that you can charge $3000 – $10,000 – $20,000+ can be hard.

It can be even harder to get somebody to buy it!

You spend weeks, if not months brain storming, brain dumping, creating, recording, planning and finally launching  …

… and then nothing.

There’s nothing worse than lovingly preparing a beautiful dinner – and then nobody shows up to enjoy it!

When I started creating programs, I made every mistake under the sun.

I had to postpone start dates, offer ridiculous discounts and swallow my pride delivering to only a handful of people, when I had planned for x10 that number.

Have you been there?

Finally, I figured out an easier way.  A way to create really compelling content AND put it together in a way that not only delivered great results – but also helped me sell it to my clients effortlessly.

That’s what  I want  for  you, too.

I just shot you this quick video to show you how using a Signature System that is a visual representation of your process will sky rocket your conversion rates.

Here’s the exact process that I take people through in the SuperCoach Confidence Collective.

And also – it’s a tool that I have always used to close 80 – 90 % of enquiries into my programs.

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