The 3 Most Important Sales Insights more Reps, Coaches & Consultants will Never Be Taught

The 3 Most Important Sales Insights more Reps, Coaches & Consultants will Never Be Taught

Here’s the back story:

After a lengthy chat message, I determined that the business owner who had reached out for help was not a fit for Sales Maven (my feminine sales manager service).

Sensing she still needed help I asked if she was interested in knowing more about my one off mapping session – which is an Energetic Sales Audit.

She said “I’m happy do that with you, but I’m already heavily committed in a high ticket mastermind.

I also have a mindset coach on the side AND I have significant staff overheads so I’m not interested in investing in another coach.

So if you want to do that call with me, I’m happy to hop on it – but just to let you know, I’m not gonna close.”

? I said “Ah, no it’s definitely a paid one off session.

? Plus, I would have to invite you into my service before you could be “closed” into it…. (and I’m not inviting you)“

She said “Gotcha, so it’s not a strategy session disguised as a sales call. Tell me how much your sales audit investment is?”

? Her response spoke VOLUMES to me.

It made me think of:

❌ The 3 Most Important Insights into Sales most Coaches, Consultants & Agencies will never be taught


What’s the difference?
Ah … it’s one word.

It’s called CONSENT Motherfuckers!

Her reaction showed me that she believes sales to be manipulative – because that’s the way that she does it.

Even if consciously she doesn’t believe this to be true – at some level of her subconscious mind – her process feels like she is manipulating others.

When you understand The Art of Effortless Sales, it’s magnetic because you only ever invite people to go to the next step.

And you only do that once they’ve AGREED and GIVEN CONSENT.
It’s not rocket science, and it’s not a sleazy frat house.


Yes, if you’re stuck in lack, scarcity and hustle it’s a vibe you give off that people who are in a more empowered, relaxed and stabilised position can sense.

In the past, before I had the words for it I would say “I can smell their weakness” LOL

But now that I have a more evolved understanding of it, what I’m really saying is that
– your sense of conviction in your value
– your belief in your worthiness to be Divinely compensated
– and your trust in Universal Abundance is what determines your cash flow first….
Not second.
The fancy word for this is EMBODIMENT.

When you’re in that flight-fright-fight-freeze mode it is a directly repellent energy when it comes to making sales in your business – and it immediately puts people on the back foot to want to work with you.


I qualify enquiries from business owners because it’s a privilege to work with me.

I get that sounds arrogant to some people …. ??‍♀️


But I’ve seen the results that have happened time and time again

? H who doubled her prices and secured a national gig after working with me
? C who got a 4x ROI in her 12 month investment in the first 8 weeks.
? A sales team who went from closing at 27% to 43% after only 4 weeks in my training – which equated to an additional $200,000 on their bottom line – just for that month alone!
I don’t need to prove myself to you, because I know who I can work with, and who I can deliver results to.

So I don’t need to SELL You on the opportunity to work with me.

But, if that’s what you will perceive SALES is about … PROVING the value rather than the value speaking for itself – you will be in the game of SELLING rather than SALES.

??‍♀️ Which is why Sales feels manipulative and icky to this person, and it’s also why I do things differently and why my approach is needed.

This is why these are truths that cannot be taught – they have to be discovered, digested and embodied in order to create a true authentic relationship to sales.

When your business is supported with masculine structures WHILST also flexible and open to possibilities – this is how you open the Magnetic Vortex of attraction.

THIS is the true key to having a sales process that is both Heart Centred AND Highly Effective.

PS… there are 2 more keys I didn’t want to firehose onto this post … stay tuned for those over the coming days.

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