Teneille’s Excited to Kick Off A New Project at a Price Point She Would Never Have Dreamt Of!

“The overall plan that I’m working towards is next level super exciting, and something that I never would have begun to think I could achieve, or be working towards achieving. So it’s awesome. Thank you!”


I’m certainly excited to share with you Teneille’s realisations after going through a Sovereign Sales Mapping session with me.

However, what I also wanted to share about this post is how crudely it is edited together and presented.

It’s just in the spare of the moment, in between a very limited time schedule, but I managed to grab the opportunity to capture the enthusiasm and genuine appreciation.

I notice how much beautiful slick branding photos really put people on a pedestal – but people dont’ want the “perfect” version of you all the time.

Your clients want to aspire to what it is that you have achieved, and what could be possible for them. They don’t need you to turn your life into a facade that is impossible to maintain.

So here’s my advice.

1. Get out of your comfort zone and just show up
Turn the camera on, grab a quick sound byte and be okay with taking imperfect action. I’ve seen people build 7 figure businesses with just shaky iphone videos, on the beach rambling on about whatever was in their head – because they were real and authentically themselves. If that means no make up, in a car park, and just genuinely sharing the love and excitement you have to work with your clients – so be it! Press Record!

2. It’s time to get visible, it’s time to back yourself and the value that you offer for the world. 
Let people know what you stand for, what you stand against, and why working with you will change their lives for the better. Be clear and specific about the tangible benefits that your service can create for them – and how the benefits will cascade in all areas of their lives.

3.  Make it easy for people to buy from you!
Like I said in the video, Teneille was allowing the pain of past events, cloud her judgement in the present – and she was hiding away from the judgement she thought she might receive if she were to truly “be seen”.

As a result, her skills and talents were a total best kept secret. And it was so hard to buy from her – as if you were shouting from a football field away.

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Bianca xx


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