Bianca Aiono

Bianca Aiono

Performance Coach & Partner
Bianca Aiono is a powerhouse of strength and conviction who can help you to radically up-level your life by finding your inner power, not settling for less, while loving yourself exactly as you are.
Bianca is a masterful shape-shifter who is a shining example of what your body is capable of: from champion Body Sculpting competitor, to Crossfit Athlete, to soft, self-loving adoring new Mother to the Maverick (6 months), Bianca has experienced first-hand that you can force your body to be skinny and super fit, but you can’t keep it that way if you don’t love yourself first.
Now as an NLP Coach and Mind-Body Mentor she helps women realise that who your are BEING while you are doing your life is the most important factor in change, and you can change very little on the outside and still get radically transformational results, when you change the frequency of your intention.
Join thousands of Bianca’s happy clients who know that she can help you fall in love with your body and heal it from the inside out…
>> Weight Management Industry Excellence Awards – People’s Choice Finalist for “Best Weight Management Program Of The Year” 2015
>> Telstra Business Womens Awards Nominee 2013/2014
>> Sunshine Coast Young Business Woman Of The Year Finalist 2010

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