Change your body and life by mastering your mind.

After over 30 combined years coaching thousands of women to transformational results in their mind, body and life, we have figured out the best way to support you to create a change that lasts. So we only offer one option to work with us – the one that’s going to work, permanently.

We know that you’re probably skeptical and a bit jaded from all the things that you’ve tried, so even though we know that is takes time to create a complete and lasting transformation – and we have all the steps along the way – you can begin at a level that feels comfortable with a first step Kickstart Motivation program that is a way to begin building trust with us and with yourself again.


Welcome to your pathway of growth, and self-mastery…

Level 1 – Food Freedom Formula –
Kickstart your motivation, get back on track with healthy eating and discover how you can master your emotional eating in a simple step-by-step program with 4 easy phases, and 12 months of support to master these foundational skills to creating a healthy body without dieting or extreme exercise.

Level 2 – Goddess Body Quest –
Begin to unleash your natural feminine magnetic beauty by journeying deeper into your sub-conscious beliefs and programming, and discovering how you can shine, and live the life that you were born for in a body that you love.

Level 3 – Legacy Leaders –
As you move in to the stage of mastery when you want to learn the secrets behind your own inner and outer transformation and learn the coaching and NLP skills that will catapult your professional skills into the next level of leadership.

Instead of falling for the next fad diet when you can’t fit into your jeans, join our community of Queens and commit to lasting, life-long health.

  • Overcome the critic in the mirror.
  • Break free from a lifetime of self-judgement diet propaganda.
  • Transmute chronic stress & inflammation with Bianca.
  • Build sustainable, healthy habits to create “lifestyle weight-loss” (you can still eat pizza and chocolate!)
  • Master emotional eating, by learning how to leverage your emotional ups and downs with Kylie, so you never need to eat your way through stress
  • Access our massive library of weight loss mindset and motivation programs to teach you, coach you and help you shed the layers that have been keeping you stuck.
  • Receive coaching and accountability support from Kylie, Bianca & the MMC team of expert transformation coaches.
  • Change your unconscious programming with our epic library of hypnosis / meditation audios you can keep with you always to help you calm down and relax. These are a favourite.
  • Find your sisterhood of ambitious, world-changing boss-babes, and connect 24/7 in our private support group.
  • Get discounted tickets to our “Design Your Destiny” transformational goal setting and re-alignment weekends.
  • Optional to upgrade to private 1:1 coaching with the coach of your choice.


This program pathway is by application only.

We do not accept everyone who applies in order to maintain the caliber of the group.

If you’d like to find out if you’re a fit, so you can have us as your coaches and support team, apply here.

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