3 Mindset Strategies to Make Weight Loss Feel Easy

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When you have a really busy schedule and you’re juggling a hectic home life – I totally get it – health can very easily be put on the back burner and year after year kind of ignored.

But doing this actually has a compounding effect, especially as we get older, and so many women reach out to me when they’ve totally had to draw a line in the sand and say, “Enough is enough.”

Maybe it’s a scary number on the scales, maybe it’s a significant birthday, or maybe it’s a health crisis that’s made them really wake up and take notice – but I don’t want that for you.

Don’t let it get so bad that it’s a critical diagnosis that spurs you into action.

There’s plenty of things we can do that are actually really easy, simple and time-effective that can give you enormous health benefits – and it doesn’t have to mean spending hours in the kitchen or the gym. So, listen up.

My name is Bianca Aiono, I’m a Mind Body Weight Loss Coach.

In this video I’m going to help you cut through all that confusion so that you can make healthy choices far more easily and effortlessly, without just feeling like you’re punishing yourself or always having to make sacrifices and miss out on all the foods you love.

Now this isn’t just an approach that’s worked for me and my clients. This is the stuff that works for any high-performing woman in business who enjoys success in every area of her life and feels totally comfortable and confident in her body.


The problem is that a woman who is disproportionately successful, her work success comes at the cost of her health success. She’s normally struggling because of three main reasons:

1. She’s often unorganized, she’s eating on the run, reaching for a lot of convenience foods that aren’t doing her any favors.

2. Making time to exercise is really hard when you’re already burning the candle at both ends.

3. Often in the past when she has prioritized her health, it’s often been this real drastic action – and it turns on this all-or-nothing pendulum where in the long run it becomes unsustainable, unenjoyable and it actually creates more damage than benefits, because it rarely lasts.


I want to share with you three mindset strategies that you can use to make weight loss come more easily and more effortlessly:

1. Go back and revisit your values.

Essentially, this is an issue about your definition of success. And if you were really to look at the cost of what your success in your career is creating – maybe you’re exhausted on the weekends and you can’t spend quality time with your family, maybe you’re constantly snapping at your husband and it’s not really making for some nice romantic intimate times, or maybe you’re actually just putting all your eggs in one basket with your work and actually kind of feeling unfulfilled and not comfortable in how your body feels.

I said to one client recently: “If you were to put your income in a salary package and realize that you’re also getting paid in 15 kilos of excess weight, fatigue and scary recommendations from the doctor, you probably would want to renegotiate your package, right?”

A simple redefinition of what success is will actually allow you to start having a more solution-orientated mindset.

So instead of thinking, “Oh it’s all too hard, it’s not working, it’s not for me,” you can actually start finding things and treat it like it’s a business strategy.

How can you start allocating a little bit more time, a little bit more objectives to your health, and experience the benefits of more health, increased level of vitality, and how will it impact your business?


2. Start increasing your awareness.

For many women who are really smart, spend a lot of time in their head, they value their intellect and kind of start feeling like they’re cut off from the neck down and spend very little time feeling what it’s like to be in their body.

When you can start taking notice of how your body actually performs at work – if you’ve got brain fog, constant sugar crashes highs and lows, you’re struggling to switch off in the evening without a glass of wine and finding it hard to wake up in the morning, if you do like a SWOT analysis of how your body is actually affecting your performance at work, you’ll start to see the correlation between your wellness and your clarity of mind and your creativity.

And I will show you how your body isn’t separate from your business. It’s actually the vehicle that makes your business even possible.


3. Just find the path of least resistance.

Consistency really is key. So instead of trying to schedule five hours of exercise a week, going on a vegan macrobiotic diet, just think about what is it that you already enjoy about your health and how can you start to amplify that with just a little bit more focus.

The really cool thing is that when you don’t go into that all-or-nothing pendulum swing, when you actually just focus on just a small aspect and allow that to grow over time, you actually get all the benefits of progressive adaptation over time.

And that is the key to your success.


One of my favorite mottos has always been:

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”


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