Magnetic Sales Mapping Offer

It’s difficult to do the work you’re really here to do and create a thriving, soul-led business if you’re

– demotivated and deflated because you’re not offering what really lights you up
– you’re avoiding promoting yourself because everything you’ve been told makes you feel icky and gross.
– you’re struggling to articulate what you do in a really simple and compelling way that resonates with your Perfect Match clients.

If you’re doing great work out there in the world – your success isn’t dependent on how much you suffer and sacrifrice in exchange for it.

Watch the video to check out an awesome offer to align to the energetics of effortless sales


Kia Ora High End Sales Energetics Facebook group. Awesome to have so many of our new members here. Super stoked that I’ve been able to get to know you guys a little bit better. And just before we kick off the weekend, I wanted to share with you that I’ve just released a few spots in my calendar to do a Magnetic Sales Mapping session. So I just wanna give you a little rundown and share with you why this actually works so well as as it does. So just if you guys to know me I actually have 20 years experience as a wellness practitioner. I’ve represented Australia in six different sports. So I really pushed myself to the masculine. I have really pushed myself to the feminine.

So I had my own fertility journey with my own first born – it was the first thing that I couldn’t force my body to do was finally make a baby, even though I was doing all the sets and all the reps (lol).

And so what I ended up really is given me this unique way of looking at things from a real holistic and sustainable and ecological view. So looking at the entire ecosystem of somebody’s sales process.

So part of that really is ensuring that this conviction, why does somebody buy from you? They buy from you because of your own conviction that radiates from without. How do you get conviction? It’s from doing things with certainty. And that really comes from the courageous of owning who it is that you are. So when you can courageously own who you are, then you go out into the world being more confident, that allows you to do the things that you do with more certainty, and then you have a level of conviction.

So when you’ve just done things again and again and over and over again, that’s what you have. And that conviction radiates out. So what I find often happens is that there is an energetic <RECORD SCRATCH> that happens, and it might happen from each one of these phases.

You know how you can maybe understand or you can pick up from somebody and they’re not really standing behind their true genius that is conviction. And it might be that actually they’re really courageous owning who they are but they’re not super confident in what it is that they’re offering out in the world. And then that robs them of the certainty and it erodes that conviction. So it kind of ends up being like imagine that you’re standing on two ends of the football field and try to shout out to your perfect match clients what it is that you can do for them. And they’re like No, I can’t really quite hear you, and they have to make a big leap of faith.

So it’s my job to help you articulate the things that you do from a way that really lights you up from the inside out so that people don’t have to have such a big leap of faith that what you do is right for them. So this is my abundance vortex and essentially what we are doing is aligning you on your spiritual, mental, emotional, energetic, and physical plane. We’re getting that alignment of who you are, what your genius is, who you’ve come here to be and who for. So that’s how you merchandise your soul given gifts. That’s how you productize your Great Work.

And often it happens is it gets stuck mainly around the mental and emotional levels. And there’s often a lot of disgust and shame that comes in with very high integrity, highly skilled, highly intuitive practitioners because they’ve been so much toxic sales trauma in the past that we’ve always been taught is the way. So that’s what we have to align up first – is what is our shit that we’re bringing forward?

And it’s getting in the way of how we birth this from our spiritual calling into getting an idea of what it might be into feeling good about it, into getting the vibe of it and then birthing it out into the physical. Now in opposition or conversely, people are also being attracted to us in our field. So that’s how we magnetize people up into our vortex. So this is when people might be like, Oh, I kind of like her vibe.

I like the color palette that you use. I like what you say. And now I’m starting to get an idea of what it might be like to work with you. Now I’m starting to feel good. Now I’m starting to get the vibe about what it might be like to do your client and then you reach out into the physical. So this alignment piece has to make sure that we clear all these pieces out, both from a strategic point of view as well as an intuitive intangible piece of view point of view, so that you are in total alignment with who you’ve come here to be and serve. And what you’ve come here to do. Now on the opposite is congruence. So this is really about making sure that you are promising and delivering what you say you’re gonna do. You’re walking your talk. You can monetize these gifts and then bring it through to a place where you actually are mesmerizing people, you’re creating incredible outcomes creating loyal clients that repeat buyers that refer to their friends.

This is ensuring that you have a really clear, smooth transition of people who are aware of you. Then they know you, they get to know you, then they get to to trust you, and then they buy. So what do we have to do to clear this part up and out so that you can have the intersection of alignment and then congruence, but that’s when the integrity of your offer creates this vortex, this funnel that’s so easy for people to drop in and drop down. And this is why really incredible alignment pieces happen because I’m using kinesiology nlp, my own intuitive gifts but I’m working with your energetic field and aligning on these five planes transformation. So that’s why it’s so precise and accurate. I’m actually delving into  ancient wisdom, the ancient wisdom of our ancestors to bring this together and bring this towards you. And that’s why you’ll see our incredible testimonials are raving so much because I’m actually just bringing out what’s already there within you, what you are meant to be doing.

So that’s one of the things that I’ll be doing. The other part is that I really need to look at your intersection of these three pieces, Your energetic alignment, your sage skills, because that’s what creates your intuitive influence. So Sage skills are like how you actually perform a sales conversation, deep listening, vision mapping and holding space. It’s really understanding what people say the words people say on the surface, and then understanding what it is they mean underneath. Now, when you combine sage skills with authority positioning, that’s when you create elegant conversion and authority positioning with energetic alignment. That’s when you create that peaceful prosperity or premium price conviction. So authority positioning really is about the masculine structures in your business that support your feminine intu intuition and influence so that you don’t have to work so hard. And this is what creates the energy of a high end sales queen, a high ticket sales queen.

So you can see how when you have that mana, the vitality abundance, the aliveness of your spirit that’s deeply grounded into this reality, you have crusade clarity. You totally you can articulate what it is that you stand for and stand against. And dream design really is about leading with your values, making sure that you are always coming from this place of what lights you up and when you get these pieces right? That’s why my clients get such great results.

So I’m just thinking of Candace who created, did one of these mapping sessions and the sis created a multiple seven figure business in six months after aligning her sole blueprint with another sis Te Aho. I highly recommend getting a sole blueprint session with Te Aho as well. So with our mapping sessions and really articulating that soul blueprint, it blew up. I’m thinking though also of Becky who went from a place of feeling like she was stuck and frozen and feeling really dejected by the whole human centepied of the coaching industry.

And it’s huge there because it’s like it’s a desert. And she brought in seven days with clients that really lit her up. Te Aho did this process and brought in 17 clients in a fortnight, 17 new clients in a fortnight and then thinking, my bro Chris who did a version of this and then actually activated his team and his team went from being underperforming in the sales funk to yeah, they brought in 125 K in the next 10 days. Part of those were offers that didn’t even exist before we did this mapping session.

So I already have sold one of these, I already broke a record with this post. I’ve got three of these sessions. Alright, I’m gonna do a bonus one. I’ve got four kids, there’ll be four sessions. One’s already been snapped up. If you wanna do one of these sessions, I normally charge a thousand USD for it.

I’ve got three left if you want to grab one from 500 US – it would be my honor, if you even just thinking that this might be for you or you’re not exactly sure, just send me a dm, that’s cool.

Let’s have a chat about it and let’s see how we can help you move through any sales funks that you might be going through yourself.

There are payment plans available as well. I know what it’s like trying to do the juggle of reinvesting in your business and the growth of your business and delivering. I get that juggle. So yeah, looking forward to meeting you guys and working with you more deeply and hearing more about this sole mission that you have and helping you create that soul match attraction abundance vortex. I can. Have a great weekend. Bye guys.