How to Lose MORE Weight by Exercising LESS!

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Hey Friends,

So many women have a conversation with me that centres around the question

How can I find the time and the motivation to exercise consistently – so that I can lose weight? (Because things are starting to really get out of hand)

The difference between fitness and health and it might be a bit controversial to some people, and if you repeat this to your fitness fanatic friends they might get up in arms about this – but listen up because 1. I’m right. And 2. I’ve got the science to back it up.

You need holistic HEALTH to manage a healthy weight loss

You DON’T need Fitness for weight loss. And in actual fact, exercise has been proven to not actually be conducive for weight loss – especially long term management.

So I’m going to share with you the 3 main things you need to understand in order to

  • increase your weight loss results,
  • whilst simultaneously decreasing the amount of time and energy you spend exercising.

Yes it is possible, one of my clients went from training 90 minutes a day 6 times a week for 8 weeks and only lost 5 kilos in that time frame.

When we started working together on her holistic health she ended up losing 20 kilos over 12 weeks and she only ever exercised when she felt like it and because she wanted to. That was doing some recreational roller derby a couple of times a week and walking with her dogs every day.

Hundreds of my clients have successfully implemented this over the years and it’s what every woman who has escaped from the weight loss roller coaster has mastered – and you can do it too.

The Core Root Problems

If you’re exhausted, feeling frumpy and frazzled let’s be honest, getting up at 5:30am before work to go to boot camp just isn’t anywhere near as appealing as pressing the snooze button and rolling over.

There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day, not only that, but when you keep breaking this promise to yourself you’re more likely to beat yourself up and emotionally eat – which is only going to make the problem worse.

Health is a spectrum. If you’re sitting and breathing you’re expressing health you don’t cross an imaginary line where you’re suddenly HEALTHY vs UNHEALTHY. When you focus on your health across the emotional/mental/physical and spiritual aspects of health – your weight starts to recalibrate as a natural process.

If you’re fit – you can do things like pull ups, and run 5k – and return your heart rate back to resting at a faster rate – which are all good things to have – but they don’t necessarily affect your weight.


If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends you actually need high quality sleep for the metabolism of fat and your body overproduced hunger causing hormones lepton and ghrelin – you could be more susceptible to overeating, at the same time being less satisfied afterward.

So yes, if you’re exhausted, listen to your body, she needs more sleep – she doesn’t need bootcamp.


Most high performing women in business have a lot of stress and when it’s the kind of low level chronic anxiety that produces cortisol which is something that triggers that Starvation mode – making your body hoard fat, store it stubbornly ESPECIALLY around your stomach and slow down your metabolism.


Ever heard yourself say – well I’ve been to the gym today I can have this because I deserve it.

The cold hard truth is you’ll maybe burn 400 calories in a spin class which might make you exhausted for the rest of the day, craving sugar and caffeine and needing wine in the evening to wind down.

It is SO easy to grab something on the run because you’re starving and you’ve left it too long – and you’ll totally blow 600 calories or more with a cappuccino and a carrot cake so it’s like you might as well not have done it!

but you’ve still got the sore butt to prove you did it.

Here Are the Steps You Can Take Today

  • 20 minutes of movement each day – be in your body – ask it what it needs.
    Exercise is important for the healing power of MOVEMENT not for burning calories.
  • What you care about most is your Basal Metabolic Rate – your internal engine – eating small meals regularly, improving your protein and some basic calisthenics
  • Focus on your gut health – adding probiotics to your morning routine, something like an apple cider vinegar and lemon to warm water is a simple way to do it and adding fermented foods to your meals. When you improve the connection between your head, heart and your gut you’ll manage stress better, be less likely to suffer cravings and start to heal the toxicity in your body and the reasons why your body is holding onto the excess fat.

Where Does This All Fit In?

I know this sounds counter intuitive to you, and goes against everything you’ve ever been told about calories in and calories out – but I promise you if you just want to be healthy and happy – 6 times a week of bootcamp, circuits or exercising for over an hour a day when you’re stressed is only going to make the problem WORSE.

So the actual exercise to do that is super short and effective lies here in my Body Confidence Blueprint.

BUT what we’re really talking about here is improving your LIFE FITNESS – your ability to manage stress in a much healthier way so your body isn’t holding on to excess weight AND how to start saying NO and protecting your ME time more fiercely.