Kickstart Motivation Program

Imagine if you were able to finally stick to a diet?

Imagine if you had the willpower and motivation that you wish you had?

The Kickstart Motivation program will teach you exactly what you need to learn to create limitless willpower, motivation and be able to choose to eat healthy food daily, as a natural habit!  Using the power of your mind and the latest positive psychology, the Kickstart Motivation program will help you to get off your butt and into gear, to take the right actions to create your best body today.

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Here’s what it’ll do for you:

At the end of this course you absolutely will be lighter, fitter, healthier and happier, and you will have secret mental ninja tricks up your sleeve. You will…

  • know and be able to visualise the exact moment when you achieve your super slim and sexy ideal weight
  • and you’ll know how to use that visualisation to fuel your workouts and make you feel awesome about eating well and exercising.
  • have crushed your own excuses and limiting beliefs, and replaced them with empowering, positive mantras.
  • know the secret trick to overcoming your old yo-yo dieting cycle.
  • understand what’s behind your emotional eating and how to absolutely crush any cravings.
  • have your very own motivation switch that you can turn on to feel motivated, determined and enthusiastic any time of day. ( yes, even at 5.59am!)
  • always make the time to exercise and eat well. even if you’re crazy busy, because you will know the key to time management.
  • have realigned your priorities to make health and fitness a top priority in your life.
  • you will make unconscious mindset shifts while you relax and feel like you’re having a nap! (yes, it totally works!)
  • actually love and be grateful for your body right now.
  • feel more confidence, and self-love than ever before.

Since starting your program again and re-motivating myself for my new yrs resolution Kylie…to date, I have lost 23 kgs!! *dances*  Soooo happy…just had to share!!!
– Amanda Flood

No matter how many diets you’ve been on, or programs that have failed you, you can have weight loss success.

And, I can absolutely guarantee you that nothing will change for you, unless you change your mind!


You can be slim and healthy, you can feel good about yourself. Once you started to live and think like a slim person, you will become a slim person!

Kylie’s Kickstart Health Program finally helped me to “get it”. After years of healthy eating and exercise regime attempts with little or no results – Kylie’s program helped me see where I was going wrong and how I could achieve the goals I wanted without the process seeming a punishment or some sort of denial of fun.
– Heather Brown, Sydney


How much is it?

$297 value for just $97!! Save 200!

The whole 4 week program is just 1 payment of $97!! Ridiculous right! It used to be $297, If I were to teach you this personally it would be over $4000. So it’s an absolute bargain. I decided to lower the price for this program because I know how powerful it is, and how many people needed it but couldn’t afford it at its true value.

Since I wrote my SMART goal today, I actually feel a shift in my perception… that this change is happening RIGHT NOW… I’m having lots of breakthroughs listening to the program.
– Kristen P, Sydney

Here’s what you need to do to get it.

1. Go ahead and click on the buy now button to get access to the full program immediately
2. Get started with lesson 1 as soon as humanly possible!
3. Be sure to reply to me and let me know how great you are doing with it!

Buy Now. $497

What’s actually in the Program?

The Kickstart Motivation Program is a guide to changing your mind about ‘weight-loss’.  If you are still thinking about the next diet or how you’ll be happy when you finally lose that weight, then this is for you!

You can do the program in the comfort of your own home and begin to change your mind, because the truth is NOTHING in your body will change until you CHANGE YOUR MIND!


Lesson 1  – Goals & Motivation

  • How to take a snapshot of the balance in your life.
  • How to set a SMART goal, and why you want one.
  • The importance of knowing why you want to get that slim, fit body.
  • Understanding your motivation or lack of it.
  • How to get motivated and overcome emotional eating.
  • How and why to love your body while you are trimming it.

Lesson 2 – Pleasure & Pain

  • Discover why your emotions are driving your choices.
  • How internal pain, boredom, stress, upset can derail your choices no matter how motivated you are.
  • Why leaning into challenge is essential for lasting results, (and how to make it feel really good)
  • Understand why it’s not your fault if you sometimes eat emotionally…
  • And what to do instead, so you can ride that craving out without opening the biscuit tin.

Lesson 3 – Growth & Integration

  • About the different stages of learning.
  • How to overcome the frustration of learning something new.
  • The secret to stopping the motivation roller-coaster, and how to maintain your motivation over time.
  • How to stop fighting with yourself about whether or not to go to the gym or eat a piece of cake.
  • How to become totally at peace with your goal and chose to move forward with every step.

Lesson 4 – Rewriting Beliefs

  • About how your conscious and unconscious minds work
  • That your beliefs make a massive difference to your results
  • How to discover your own toxic thoughts and beliefs
  • How to let go of outdated, toxic beliefs and create new ones

Lesson 5 – Aligning Values

  • Discover what makes all your decisions about your time, money, energy.
  • Learn the importance of your values in creating your life
  • How to discover what your values are, and how to change them if they are not what you want them to be!

Lesson 6 – Strategies & Time.

  • How to discover your own secret recipe to motivation.
  • Learn a ninja secret to create a mental motivation movie that is your own step-by-step recipe.
  • Discover your time-holes that are sucking away your precious hours.
  • Why you “never have enough time” for those things that are important to you, but have no deadline.
  • How you can be in charge of your own time and always have enough time for what you want to do.

Hypnosis Sessions to Re-Program your Thinking

  • Hypnosis mp3: My Future Self. Discover the you who has already overcome this.
  • Hypnosis mp3: The Mental Detox. Clearing up all the old toxic thoughts and bringing in the light.
  • Hypnosis mp3: The Garden: Eat a rainbow for total health
  • Hypnosis mp3: Nourish & Move. Imagine if you could just upgrade the computer in your mind to choose health every day. You can with this session.

Super Bonuses to Get You Fast Results

Massive Bonuses. Yay!!
  • Quick start 7 Step to Massive Motivation Audio Guide that will cut through the crap and just tell you what you need to get started doing now to look after your body!
  • Stop Chocolate Hypnosis Bonus Session (Worth $57!)
  • Excuse Buster Time Line Therapy Session (Worth $97!)
  • Emotional Release Time Line therapy Session. (Worth $97!)
  • The entire 1.0 Kickstart Audio Course for embedding the learnings (Worth $297)

The two emotional release sessions are life-changing and even the value above does not accurately describe the potential benefit to your life from using these sessions. With these amazing bonuses you can stop your chocolate addiction and release negative thinking patterns like “I can’t do it!”, “I’m not good enough”, “I’ll never lose weight” and also release emotional baggage like stuck anger, sadness, fear, guilt, shame, disappointment. These two sessions have changed my life and the lives of my clients, now I’m giving them to you as a bonus, because I know how important it is to share this life-changing tool with the world!


Kickstart Your Motivation Today & Never Diet Again!

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How is it different from the other stuff I’ve tried?

The Kickstart Motivation Program is different because it’s about your MIND! It’s not about what to eat or not to eat, It’s not about counting calories or specific exercises, it’s about fundamentally transforming how you think about yourself and how you look after your body.

I specialise in working with women for weight loss, slimming and self-esteem and this program is one way that I can help get the message out there to as many people as possible.

So many women are so confused about what’s right for them to achieve weight loss,  health and happiness. You don’t need to be.

Diets are not the way. Diet Pills are not the way. Lap-band & surgery is not the way. Extreme calorie restriction is not the way. Labelling food as good and bad is not the way. Skipping meals is not the way. Hating yourself and beating yourself up is not the way!

Learning about yourself is the way! Making a long-term commitment to your health is the way! Changing the way you think about food is the way! Listening to your body and nourishing your body is the way!

This program is supportive and caring. It is about making a lifestyle change. You may or may not see results instantly. You WILL feel results instantly and as you begin to really change your lifestyle starting with your mind, your body will change.

It’s only taken me a month or so of continual exercise but now I really look fwd to it – my head space is fantastic and I relish that time I spend with and on myself…I’ve lost 16 kilos so far. It’s amazing because I know that this time it’s for good!
– Cathy M, Sydney

This program is different because it focusses on an inside-out change rather than just focussing on the outside. Of course, you still do need to eat well and exercise regularly, but you will find that you actually WANT to look after yourself when you have no more emotional pain and truly value yourself once more.


Value Guaranteed, there is absolutely no risk to you.

If you complete the program and the weekly tasks and feel that the Kickstart Motivation Program has not provided you with easily more than double your investment in your happiness, motivation and mindset shifts I will happily refund you your money. There is absolutely nothing to lose, except those extra stubborn kilos!

Go on, get it right now! You will be so glad you did…

Buy Now. $497