The Strategic Steps to Repair A Leaky “Wealth Bucket” & Create More Stability in your Income

The Strategic Steps to Repair A Leaky “Wealth Bucket” & Create More Stability in your Income

Laura came to me saying “I think I’m good at generating wealth, but it feels like I am not doing a good job of holding on to it. It’s like I have a leaky wealth bucket.”

Laura is an incredibly gifted, and intuitive spiritual practitioner who helps actors Flourish in the Arts.

She recently channeled a new offer and it sold out in 3 weeks.

That’s how hard working, inspiring and connnected this beauty is.

But what was next?

As we progressed through the session I recognised that it was not an energetic “leaky bucket” it was a strategic, foundational one.

This is actually very common with spiritual practitioners who are actually incredibly adept at managing and clearing their emotional blocks, but their bias is towards their internal game rather than her external one.

The sifting through her focus, her thought patterns, her assumptions, her influences was a lot of heavy lifting….

This is my sensitivity – noticing where there are things out of alignment, glitches in the power of energetics when offers are born

At one point I threw my hands up in protest and had to walk out of the room – just to get a breath of fresh air!

At another point I felt compelled to jump up and down like Rumplestiltskin!!!

Because I could see how the beautiful generosity of her spirit was interfering with the prosperity of her business!

The genius of my system is also identifying the difference between your Safe Money (just selling things you think people will pay you for)

and your Soul Money (your Soul Mission work and those Soul Match clients who are the perfect match to receive this work)

This is the Energetics of Effortless Sales

This is the Magnetism of the Confident Sales Queen

Fortunately the role of the strategist is the early on labour of the session, and then the energetic mapping comes as the flow on affect.

So we recreated the structures of her business – the analogy of connecting back into the nourishment of the business placenta seemed apt!

This means we:

1. First, we set her vision of what she wants to achieve and how much she wants to be paid for that.

2. Then we looked at her pricing structure, her offer suite and what was really going to help her get there.

3. Next we tapped into what was her preferred way of selling her programs, that suited her personality type, lifestyle and energy levels.

4. We cleared out the subconscious and emotional blocks around selling and how hard you’re “meant” to be working.

5. And finally we re-aligned how she was valuing herself – NOTE – it was NOT in what she was DOING for her clients that was creating those epic transformations.

When Laura discovered the REAL answer to this, she was pretty darn surprised – and overwhelmingly grateful! It was who she WAS for her clients and the space she held for them that created the MOST transformational and sustainable results.

6. That allowed us to restructure her offers, her content calendar and her business structure so it was primed and ready to go for spaciousness and luxurious launching that gave her space to … (wait for it) Flourish in the Art! 

Extremely delighted to hear her transformation in such a short space of time, very excited to see it all unfold from here.

As I was listening to the recording I thought to myself – wow and I didn’t even get a chance to eat breakfast or put on a bra ….

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Laura: Thank you so much.

Bianca: You’re welcome, hun.


Laura: Wow. You really are a magician. Like I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it and I’ve read those testimonials, but holy shit. To actually be in this space and receive it. My God, what a gift. Thank you so much.

Bianca: You’re so welcome. You’re the only person I had to leave the room for.

Laura: You are, you are absolutely phenomenal. Like I, yeah, I feel like I have come out of a fog and for the first time I’ve come into seeing clarity, like seeing everything really clearly I can see the clarity of what ease and flow and joy and abundance can actually look and feel like and how incredibly complicated I make things.

And,  I think just EV every part of that complication that has sat in my head and just been sitting up here and understanding on an intellectual level, what everyone has been trying to teach me has just dropped in.

And I just feel like I’m in a field of flowers of possibility. And I’m so excited.

I feel clear in my expression, in my offerings, in my unique soul gifts. And I feel incredibly excited for the people that are going to receive that.

Bianca: Yes, that’s it.

Laura:  And, and for how that’s gonna support them in supporting myself at the same time as I’m doing that, I feel that piece, I feel like the, the whole in the bucket is actually started to mend now and seal over. And it’s, it’s slowly feeling like it’s, it’s starting to fill

Bianca: Amazing, and you can feel like that what we opened up, right? Your vortex, what you’re receiving, what you’re planting down, what it feels like to me is that you had that outside of yourself, Invested in the modalities that you possess, as opposed to bringing it back to you in as the conduit.

So as you held it separate from you, you had the separation from your ego. So then, you know, people aren’t buying. If people are buying, if people are paying or not paying, it’s like, it becomes a reflection of the ego.

It becomes something that the ego shuts down, as opposed to back here, back here, when you are the conduit, you’re simply the conduit for this work.

So the people who will turn up that need to receive it, that need to find it will show up.

And if it’s not for them, it’s not for them. It’s not a reflection on your value.

Laura: Yes. And by me, simply being in that state and allowing that to naturally come through, that is the magnetism. That is, yeah. That’s, that’s the attraction without having to push and try and get looped into that.

Bianca: Yeah. It becomes vortex and people just drop in that vortex and there’s no other, like, there’s nothing else. It’s just like the slip stream. The baby’s getting burned out. It’s just the way.

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