Overweight & Can’t Lose Weight

Hi there, I know it’s not easy being a being an overweight woman, I bet you’ve tried every diet under the sun.

It’s so hard trying lose weight so you can finally be happy and confident, especially when you’re so busy with your work and your demanding life.  When you think about making a massive life change like this it can seem a little overwhelming and scary, even though you really want it.

So I want to take just a minute now to let you know everything’s going to be fine. How can I say this? Because I know how you feel. I was once overweight just like you. Losing weight and gaining my confidence wasn’t easy for me either, I sure had challenges of my own… just like you do now.

I remember when I was 25 kgs overweight, in a crappy job and with no savings, I was single and really unhappy, though I cheered myself up by being positive on the outside, with late night biscuits and wine, and going out partying on the weekend with my friends.

Secretly, I was so ashamed of myself. I had a university degree for god’s sake!  What was I doing with my life?  I’m so lucky I discovered the one little thing that changed my life forever.

It’s the one thing that allowed me to meet the man of my dreams (now my husband, 6 years later), lose 20 kgs in 3 months, and start my own business all in the one year. I learnt that the secret to getting over being overweight was to look inside myself. I had some pretty heavy “weight” on the inside; hurt, low confidence and a kind of self-loathing that showed up in my body as fat. Once I learnt how to let all the inner weight go, the outer weight dropped almost like magic.

As my life changed so dramatically I realised that I couldn’t just keep this secret to myself. It was too powerful. I had to give you the chance to discover this too.

Let me help you break the dieting cycle and get slim for good.

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