Neuro-Linguistic Programming


NLP is one of the tools, models and techniques that I use to help women shift their mindsets, increase their motivation and lose weight easily.


What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming  or NLP is an alternative type of Psychology. It is a modality and a set of change techniques and tools based on how your mind and your thoughts create your behaviour and reality.

Your beliefs and values and attitudes are crucial in creating the world you see, hear and feel. Each of us has our own unique map of the world. What we perceive in the world is a reflection of everything that has happened in our life. NLP can help you to change your beliefs and values so that you can make fast and lasting change to any aspect of your life.


Development of NLP

The heart of NLP is the skill of modelling. Modelling is a natural part of human nature and is a key to how human beings learn. As a baby you unconsciously modelled your parents and carers by copying, and imitating what you saw or heard them do.

Modelling is about working out exactly how someone does what they do and doing the same thing so that you can get that same result.

NLP as a therapeutic technique was developed by modelling some of the greatest therapists in the 60’s and discovering how they did what they did in order to create change in a person. What they said, what words they used and how those words affected their clients. NLP was a part of the Human Potential Movement. Up until then the only thing psychologists studied was disease. They knew a lot about how people could go wrong, but not anything about how people do well or excel. The Human Potential Movement studied human potential and excellence and was interested in how to create excellence and self-actualisation.

From this study a simple model was developed of how the human mind works. Out of this model a whole new set of techniques were developed that could create change in a person in a very short space of time. Emotions could be released safely and reframed so that they were empowering instead of disempowering.


How can NLP help me?

If you have ever experienced challenges, trauma or upset, chances are you have some unresolved issues from your past. When your mind tries to resolve these past traumas, it often manifests as similar problems happening over and over again. These problems continue to occur until you have dealt with the core issue. Once you resolve the core issue from your past, your thoughts are no longer stuck trying to relive this problem in order to find an answer and you can move forward. Unresolved issues will often show up in your beliefs about yourself or the world.

Here are some common limiting beliefs, you may recognise them in yourself or others:

  • I’m just unlucky.
  • I don’t deserve to have what I want.
  • I’m not worthy.
  • I don’t have the time.
  • I’ll never earn enough money.
  • I don’t deserve love.
  • I can’t lose weight.

If you notice these or similar beliefs as your own, you might want to have a think about whether these beliefs are helping you or hindering you in your life. If you would like to change these thoughts and beliefs NLP can help you.

NLP can help people to make amazing transformations in their lives easily and effortlessly. Becoming slim, stopping addictions, releasing stress and trauma, increasing confidence and self-esteem are all easily accomplished with NLP by changing your thinking patterns and enabling you to easily change your behaviour and actions.

NLP is a key part of my weight loss motivation program. I utilise the models and techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming in conjunction with the other techniques to get fast and lasting change for my clients.

To find out how I can use NLP to assist you make the change you want, contact me.