Low Self Esteem

Do you know that you have low self- esteem?  Would you like to have more confidence?

Hi there, I know it’s not easy being a woman these days.

It seems that now matter where you turn there is some stunning (and photoshopped) actress or model advertising a cream or perfume and magazines are filled to the brim with conflicting health and beauty advice.

I bet you’ve tried every diet under the sun and are desperate to change how you look. I know that it doesn’t feel good to think this way, I know because I used to think like that too.

Are you sick of having no confidence in yourself or your abilities?  Would you like to feel worthy and deserving of what you want in life?

Did you know that there’s a difference between self-esteem and self-confidence? Self-esteem and self-confidence are often confused. They are not the same.

Self- Esteem has to do with your thoughts and beliefs about your worth as a human being. Ideally you should believe that you are worthy and valuable as a human being no matter what you do. But unfortunately I know that’s probably not the case for you. It breaks my heart to see women struggling with their self-esteem because I know there is a way out of that crippling pain and self-doubt.

Confidence comes when you are good at something, If you want more self-confidence then you want more confidence in yourself. More confidence in your ability to handle the world and your life. If you are struggling with Self-esteem or Self-Confidence there is a way to overcome the blocks and doubts that plague you.

I want to let you know that it will be ok, I know because I used to think like this too, I used to be stuck in the slippery dark walls of self-doubt and thought I was no good, not worthy and didn’t have anything to offer anyone.

I now know that this is simply not true.

You are special and unique and worthy of unconditional love. You deserve to live the life that you want. I can show you how to let go of the doubt and begin to feel good about yourself again.

Let me help you let go of the self-doubts and worries that stop you from believing in yourself. You’ll find that when you let go of the inner pain and blocks it becomes a lot easier to lose that weight too.

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