Increase Self-Esteem


If you want to increase your self-esteem, feel better about yourself and finally lose those kilos or pounds, you’re in the right place.


Tips for Unconditional Self Esteem and Improving Self-Confidence.


1. Do not confuse Self-Esteem with Self-Confidence.


They are not the same thing. Your self-esteem cannot be high or low, it simply is. You are worthy of love and success simply because you exist.  It has nothing to do with how good you are at one thing or another, that is confidence. You were once a tiny baby that couldn’t do anything, remember how much you value and treasure a baby. It is precious, special and unique. It’s worth is intrinsic, and so is yours!


2. Focus on the things you do well to increase confidence.


There are many things that you are great at! Not everyone is great at everything, so if you need a confidence boost, remember all the things that you are uniquely good at. Remember too that you can learn and grow, you have the ability to be good at anything. (this is Self-Efficacy) Human beings are designed to be learning machines, that means you too!


3. Let go of perfectionism


No one is perfect. Even those people who look like they’re perfect aren’t perfect. Who sets that criteria anyway?  Who decides? You are perfectly imperfect. It is all the things that you are good at and those things that you are still learning that make you, you! Focus instead on progress! You can improve a little each day, and make better choices that are more aligned with your values and goals.

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To truly feel that unconditional self-esteem, you must let go of that false idea that you are not worthy or good enough. This is an obstacle that stops you from achieving success in so many areas. You do not need to carry it anymore.

I can help you let it go!