Holistic Weight Loss

Lasting weight loss is about more than calories and scales.

To really get slim and stay slim, you have to completely change how you think and feel about your body, food, exercise and the world. It’s no wonder so many people are struggling with their weight these days.

I have been through the weight loss journey and have found a way out, I have been at my ideal weight now for over 7 years. Changing on the inside, in your mind is the trickiest part.

Everybody knows you have to eat well and exercise, there’s no getting around that. But what if you wanted to exercise? What if you craved healthy food and water. And doughnuts, chocolate, chips, ice-cream and greasy food turned your stomach? What if you actually felt good about yourself and your body?

I know there are 3 pillars to lasting weight loss and they are correct mindset, correct nutrition and correct exercise or movement. I am a specialist in the mindset; the mental and emotional side of weight loss.

If you are struggling with getting started on a program, or if you are getting slim on the outside but still struggling with the fat girl within. I can help you.

To find out about my Holistic Weight loss programs go to my programs page, or for fast results and premium service, email me directly for a strategy session to discuss private coaching. Kylie@MyMindCoach.com.au