How to Eat for Weight Loss by Mastering the Kitchen

How to Eat for Weight Loss by Mastering the Kitchen



So many of us have on our to do-lists and our goal lists to lose weight.

But is it really a weight problem that you have?

Or is it a time-management problem?

I’ve really learnt a lot over the last couple of years of running my Love Your Body Lean Re-School. I’ve crammed in like 5 years of my information and experience into just that one 12 weeks. What I actually found was that some of the tiniest mini-modules were actually enough to give so many people amazing, kickass, non-diet weight loss results. And, really, that was about mastering your time in the kitchen.

And, look, I have tried everything. I totally get it if you hate cooking. That used to be me as well. You think, “If someone just cooked my meals, I’d be fine.”

I’ve investigated it, I’ve had a little personal chef before, I’ve bought the pre-made things like Lite n’ Easy, I’ve paid people to cook for me. And, really, it never lasted long. Cooking is boring, I know. I totally get it. But I’ve tried so many different ways to circumvent this problem of cooking.

I know that there are these really great services now of pre-packaged meal plans that are all fresh – but it still adds up, it’s still quite expensive. And I‘ve always found that if you don’t actually manage it, if you don’t actually master this level of cooking, it’s only ever a short-term fix. And if it’s a short-term fix in the kitchen then it’s a short-term fix in the weight loss results that you’ll experience as well.

I dread cooking. I totally was one of those people as well. But what I realized is, after a period of time…

Yeah, lots of them are ripoffs, like the Lite n’ Easy ones. One of my friends was working there – and she said she had to quit after 3 days because the smells were just so rank.

And I always get a bit weird if chicken comes cubed. I was like, “How did a chicken turn into a square? What process did it go into?”

So, really, I actually had to embrace what I hated. I even hate doing the grocery shopping. And I know you can do online shopping and everything. It’s like I just had to get over it.

What really surprised me is that when you can master just using a shopping list where you’re basically doing the same things every week, but you get really creative in how you cook them, everything sorts out.

One of my clients dropped 20 kilos in only three months just by implementing these shopping ideas. And that’s really just about: Did it fall from the tree? Did it grow from the ground? Or did it have a mother? And then mastering these super simple recipes.

And I’m actually going to be breaking off parts of my Re-School program and making them into mini-course so that everybody can take them as little 4-week programs, implement them at their leisure – and it’s going to be really affordable for you too.

So, yeah, these really simple processes, these cooking recipes that when you have them all set up in your kitchen and ready to go, oh my gosh, you start to love cooking because you love the results you get from it.

I was at training yesterday eating one of these meals – the chicken sweet and sour, brown rice and steamed vegetables. It was so good and everyone’s like, “Oh my god, what are you eating?” I’m like, “Dude, it’s just chicken and rice with a little bit of homemade sauce.”

So easy. And you actually get to start loving cooking again because you see a result. You get awesome energy back. The energy makes you want to do more. You start seeing the results in the mirror, on the scales, in the measurements.

You can make it really simple. I see people doing these kitchen cook ups – and it’s like this monstrous event. You see people put in the fridge and it’s like chock-full of all these containers, all these individually portioned sized meals.

But the thing is, if it’s too big of a hassle, you won’t do it week in, week out. If it’s not tasty enough and it’s not made with love, you won’t be excited to eat it. And if you keep on freezing them, you’ll just get bored of reheating your food and freezing them again.

I’ve actually created some shortcuts in the kitchen to help you master that so that you get really excited about cooking, because you get excited about eating it, you get excited about the results that you get from it – and it’s just not such a big deal.

I really want to help you so you know how to do a big kitchen cook-up, as well as a mini-kitchen cook-up, so it doesn’t take so much time to get ready and prepare, so that you’re actually excited to eat it, and so that you start loving cooking again because it’s not that big of a deal.

For instance, we always have a frittata premade in our fridge – most of the time anyway. Because I figure I’m going to chop up those vegetables anyway, I’m going to make an omelette, I like making omelette every morning. What about if I just chopped up six times that amount, chuck it in the oven for 40 minutes, have some roasted sweet potato with it – and there’s eggs, tomato, onions, grated zucchini and some bacon. And that’s it. And then I’ll do the roasted sweet potato and put some seasoning over it.

It really didn’t actually take much time more than it would take me to cook my breakfast anyway. Maybe it took me an extra 10 minutes. That’s it. And I’ve got the whole week’s breakfast sorted out. How cool is that?

So that’s just one example. And the way I would plate it up is I’d have a portion size in there, I’ll have about half a cup of sweet potato, I’d cut off about 1/8 of an avocado or a little bit more, and then I’ll put some fresh baby spinach. That way I have my protein, I have my vitality, I have my omegas in every portion size – and you start the day off well. You start the day off with a zing in your step.

My morning tea snack will be due soon. That’s going to be my chicken sweet and sour and brown rice and steamed vegetables little thing.

And you kind of get really excited about it like, “Yes, I’m so glad that I put this together!”

So many of my clients and my students have just implemented these basic techniques in the kitchen – and they realized that their emotional eating, their binging, so much of their overeating, was actually because they hadn’t embraced this practice of cooking in the kitchen.

I’m really excited about it. It’s a whole new way of relieving my knowledge of my Facebook tribe because I want to help more people. I just want to break all this knowledge that I’ve gathered over the last 20 years and break them down into little bite-sized tutorials that are really affordable for people to buy, to consume, and to implement.

Because it’s all about little bricks that you can put in, build them up overtime. That’s how you get real lifestyle changes. That’s how you get out of this on again, off again, on again, off again, I’m off the wagon, I’m back on the wagon again. The best way to never get off the bandwagon is to never get on one of them in the first place.

That’s going to be one of these little mini Re-School modules that I’m going to be releasing in the next few weeks. And that’s how to help you get back on the healthy eating bandwagon in 21 days without setting yourself up for failure.

I’m actually really excited to help everyone understand these tools. Because some of my ladies, that’s actually all they needed to do. They do that the first week of my program, they do it like three times – and they’re like, “You know what, it’s actually solved everything.”

And then maybe it takes them like six months to do Module 1. So I realized there’s a whole lot of goals in there that I’ve kind of crammed in, being a bit overzealous, so I’m just going to break that out.

And if you can manage this and implement it over a period of time, that’s when you never have to do the on again, off again, the yo-yo dieting. And it just stops being like this open tab in your head.

Wouldn’t you just love to be able to never have to worry about that “I’ve got to lose weight”?

Wouldn’t it just be great that it just happened because you’re just living life and it’s embracing some of those things that you’re resisting against?

I think there’s just so much hype and confusion around food that it’s like we’ve forgotten how to eat healthy and how to be normal. Just like, “What is healthy eating and normal eating?”

And that’s what I wanted to help distill to you guys – but it’s going to take a little bit of time as you just implement each of these little tiny bricks of lifestyle changes.

I’m really excited to bring that to you.

It happens all the time. A lot of my female clients get in the shits because they work really hard and they lose a bunch of weight – but their husbands lose 7 kilos in 12 weeks, and all they’ve done is just started eating these dinners.

I look forward to getting that through to you. I will share with you that chicken sweet and sour recipe that I found on the net, which is really tasty and easy to do.

I’m really excited to start chunking out this knowledge that it’s actually super easy and it doesn’t require heaps of willpower.

Most people think that the reason they haven’t lost weight is because they’re too lazy and they don’t have enough willpower. But when you start getting these real basic, boring, totally unsexy things sorted, you actually can mark that whole “I need to lose weight” thing off your list and get back to living life.

How good would that be, living life?

Well, I hope you have got something out of this video – and I really encourage you to get a little more organized in the kitchen, even if it’s just buying groceries on the same day and just start experimenting with somebody’s recipes.

Have a great day!

Bianca x

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