How to Build your Authority & Charge $1000/hr And More … Without Feeling Like A Fraud!

If you’re wondering what is it really going to take for people to take notice of the life changing value that you offer others ….

If you’re still trying to figure out how to communicate what it is that you actually do

in a way that gets people who desperately need your help to actually put down the cold hard cash
and actually commit to the service that you know would revolutionise their lives …

You are going to love this upcoming masterclass!

Bianca will be sharing the exact mindset shifts that helped her go from a hustling PT making $80 an hour to an Online Wellness Coach charging $1000/hour.

Discover how she was able to create a whole new level of confidence in her work, and remain present mother and make residual income even whilst on holidays in Bali.

We’re going to show you:

– How to banish Imposter Syndrome by working with the subconscious mind and becoming a more Influential Leader.
– The powerful system to making more cash in less time by packaging your genius into a high value, time leveraged offer.
– The no-brainer shortcut to creating predictable client transformations and having 100% conviction in the outcomes you offer.
– The key to dropping the feast and famine burn-out cycle by healing your relationship to success and enjoying more flow in your business.

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