How did she REALLY lose all that weight?

How did she REALLY lose all that weight?

Everyone asks my clients “what did you do to lose all that weight” … and they never get the response they think they’re gonna get.



Hey there!

I’ve got all my pretty makeup done because I’ve just come from shooting an amazing transformation video of my girl Gilli.

One of the the things that came up that we’ve both had a bit of giggle about trying to answer was, “What did you actually do, Gilli, to lose 55 kilos?”

So many people come rushing up to Gilli to ask her during this journey, “You’re looking fantastic. I can’t believe it. You’re just glowing from the inside out. What are you doing? I have to do it too!”

We really had a bit of a giggle because pretty much the standard answer Gilli always gave was like, “I’m not doing anything. I’m just loving myself sick. I’m just having fun. I’m just enjoying myself. I’m finally enjoying life.”

The work that we’ve been doing was helping her get out of a really toxic relationship to the scales.

Because that number would flash up on the scales and that would dictate how she would run her day, like how she would speak to people. Even if that number had gone up 100 grams, it could ruin her entire day.

She was always 100 percent strict on her diet or 100 percent off her diet. It was always like trying to do something to create a result for a trip, or a cruise, or a holiday, or an event. And then when the event was on, it was hell for leather.

So this ricochet up and down yo-yo was happening for years and she was stuck in it.

Even though most of the time she was eating healthy, she knew what to do, she just wasn’t doing it consistently enough. And she was exercising. She was an awesome exerciser, religiously going to a crossfit gym every week.

And so, what changed?

It was actually not what she did. She changed on a level of being.

It was who she was as a person – and she reclaimed her meaning and her worth from the number on the scales. She stopped being triggered. She raised her emotional intelligence, she upskilled her emotions and actually started off through journaling and found a bunch of hidden things in her subconscious that she never knew was actually bothering her.

One of these tasks was coming up with words that resonated and the word hate. The word hate actually spilled forth six pages of journal writing – and you’d never ever know from the happy go lucky girl she was on the outside. But from creating that awareness, she stopped eating her feelings, she stopped needing to eat her feelings. And as a part of the process, she allowed herself to start valuing herself as a person regardless of what the number on the scales said.

As you love yourself more, you can love everybody around you more, you can extract more out of life.

As she gained more life, the weight just kept on dropping. The less importance she put on it, the easier it was to stay healthy. The less she held herself back from enjoying life, like hiding herself under towels at the beach and not buying clothes that she felt really good in, the more she just started saying yes to herself, the easier it became until 55 kilos had disappeared.

It’s just an amazing testament to realizing when you are really focused on doing all the time, that might actually be your undoing.

Essentially, the Body Confidence Project is helping you focus on the not doing, the space that you haven’t allowed yourself to sit there and what that could mean for you and the gems of self-discovery that lie there for you.

And when you can do that, when you’re accessing your subconscious mind and you’re able to reprogram those meanings, all those things, all those excuses, all those events that you’ve created stories around as to why you can’t enjoy your life right now and why it has to only happen on the other side of a perfect weight or a perfect dress size, that’s when you really can shine the light of your true self. Then there’s no need for the excess outer layers. And that’s when they start disappearing.

Losing weight doesn’t make you happy, being happy makes you happy – and losing weight is just a by-product.


Hope this helped, guys. Talk to you soon!

Bianca x


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