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Nau mai haere mai – Welcome! To the energetics of effortless sales for high performing entrepreneurs.

I just wanted to take a little moment to reconnect and let you know that this space is all about helping you unpack and unlock your next level of income and impact. Ko Bianca Ayono toku ingoaa if we haven’t met yet, I am a transformational business mentor.

So this community is for you. If you are already established in business, you’re making good money and you want more. If you want to create more income, more impact, more freedom, and you want to do it with more ease. 01:39 Now, a lot of the clients that I work with have created incredible success in their lives and now they want to unlock their most authentic version. So maybe they want to birth their next creative genius without breaking what they already have.

Maybe they want to make seven figures, but the contingency is I only want to work 2 hours a day. Maybe it’s about traveling the world and retiring your husband or growing your passion project into a multiple six figure, seven figure empire, working part time. Or maybe it’s like the thing that’s driving you is about building a legacy for your children. Whatever it is, what I know is that every passionate entrepreneur I speak to wants to make a big impact in the world and be lit up by their purpose and feel on fire, alive and joy filled and make the world a better place.

However, sometimes in the pursuit of big goals, we can leave important aspects of ourselves behind. And it’s often once we’ve reached one mountaintop and gathered our breath, that we’re kind of like, all right, now, what’s next? Or sometimes the thing that we’ve built, we’ve also torn down because we want to do it again and we’re unwilling to compromise on the quality of our life along the way. So what I want to encourage you and make aware of is there is a welcome gift. It is an abundance activation audio for you. If you haven’t got yours, please message me or comment below.

And what I found is that it’s a really great example of just helping you get connected to your higher self, to your intuition, to that power center that wells inside you, so that you’re really being that creative force and tuning into that creative power that may be lying dormant within you. One of my clients, Annie, she was listening to this and one of her soul match clients jumped in her inbox while she was listening to it and signed up to her three month signature. You know, it’s this beautiful intersection of intention and magic and the culmination of all your hard work coming to fruition.

So I just want to talk to you about a little bit about what I do and what this group is all about. And if we use the iceberg analogy, even sometimes, the thing that you see on the surface might be just a small fraction of what’s going on underneath. And just like our conscious mind is only responsible for 10% of our behavior, our subconscious mind is responsible for driving 90% of our behavior.

So if the direction underneath the surface is going one way, there’s no way it can overpower what’s going on the top of the surface. So you might be having these profit goals, the ease with which you create it, your impact, your freedom, and your lifestyle goals.

And one of the ways I help people do it is creating personal best sales records with ease. Yes, we might be looking at your pricing, your packaging, your scripts, and your funnels. Sure, it’s one of the things, but it’s not the real core drivers.  Because if anything is out of alignment underneath, if your magnetism, your personal magnetism, your magnetic charisma, your effortless genius zone, are you in that? Are you monetizing that in a sacred, reverent way? And are you leveraging support in a way that allows you to get traction? If that is out of alignment in any way, it will mean that your subconscious will think more sales or exploding your revenue or skyrocketing your income is actually more equivalent to draining, to being more draining, more responsibility, more pressure, or more overwhelm. So if anything is out of alignment with the way that you’re creating results in your business, then exploding your sales will not feel safe. And you will cogblock it, you will sabotage it. You will make sure it doesn’t happen. So that’s why, this is why I look at this.

So we want to create so that you are in alignment with all this. Here we go. With your magnetic charisma, how can we get all parts of you on board and going and moving towards what you want so that more sales does equal more joy and fulfillment, it does equal more ease and certainty and freedom and spaciousness. Because when your next level of income, it feels safe, it feels certain, it feels like the most net logical step. That’s when you will explode your sales. That’s when you will create authentic success. That’s when you will align to true wealth and create that.

So I just thought I’d give you a little rundown. Some of my clients feel free to pause this. Along the way, some of my clients have created epic results and what the thread is like. Candice was getting in alignment was the catalyst to launching her business to multiple seven figures in three months. Gorgeous Liz, she got into alignment and then called in what some people make in a year in 24 hours and had a whole bunch of fun while doing it. Denise she launched her creative side hustle without murdering her husband along the way. These are the parts that happen when you have somebody to lean on. That does for you what you do for others. That strength, that inner strength that you can help guide you and see your blind spots. That’s what aligning to your greatness and true wealth does for you.

So make sure that you let me know if you haven’t received your visualization gift, your abundance activation. And I’ll also be showing up in your inbox with weekly energetic upgrades so it will look like these. There’s a whole bunch of blogs and me speaking like this.

What I really find is that along this way, alignment is a constant evolving process of really getting strong and true in who you are and who you’ve come here to be. Really knowing your worth, speaking your truth and owning your value and going out in the world in a way that really blaze. You’re an advocate for the change that you want to see in the world and you’re a trailblazer in creating that happening. So I’m really excited to reconnect and get to know each other.

Please keep an eye out in your inbox for these energetic upgrades and just to help you keep on centering into what can be possible when you align to your greatness. Kakite, it’s great to talk with you. I look forward to talking with you again soon. Bye for now.