Energetic Alignment Session

Kia Ora e Hoa

I’m so honoured to take you through my signature process – thank you for your trust!

There is a lot of flexibility in our work together, it can also help for the mapping process if you can laser in on your intention.

What do you need to do before we meet?

You can totally just “turn up” to our session, with whatever you’re wanting to bring forth or call in.

Whether that be a new project or product, or an existing one that needs some realignment.

Just take a little moment to yourself beforehand so you can get centred and drop in and have a little quiet moment to yourself.

And also, leave some time afterwards to enjoy some spaciousness to integrate all the shifts and new perspectives.

What are some of the things we can work on?

We can target in on your Soul Mission and who is meant to receive this work, and anything that requires aligning as you bring it out into reality.

We can focus on your Soul Currency- that is, the gifts you exchange for a money and the work that is rewarding, fulfilling and creates joy driven momentum in your life.

It’s the symbol of your greatest contribution to humanity in this life time.

We can also look at any interference to how you monetise this, so you can deliver it in a seamless way for the highest outcome for all.

If you would like to do some more structured preparation …

Here are some journalling questions that would be helpful for me (and for you).

Pre Session Journalling Questions Template 

Book in your Session here

I’m so looking forward to co-creating and making some magic together!

Tihei Mauri Ora!

Aroha nui
Bianca xx