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3. Self Coaching Check In

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4. Intuitive Eating Framework: 


Here’s how to let go of the idea that you have to be “perfect” in order for it to “work”.
Health is NOT an “either or” – there is a spectrum, and when you discover that it’s just in relation to how much you invest in yourself and there’s NO SUCH THING AS FAILURE…

You’ll notice how much more successful AND healthy you’ll feel.

1. Every time you sit down to eat, ask yourself: “Did this fall from a tree, did it grow from the ground or did it have a mother? And is it in its most unprocessed form?

Give yourself a tick for each time you include Protein, Vitality and Omega 3’s in your meals and snacks.

2. Where is the Protein, Where is the Vitality, Where are the Omega’s?

Protein is found in lean meats, eggs, fish, legumes, tofu.
Vitality is in anything that is still ALIVE if you were to see it under a microscope, ie wheatgrass, kale, alfalfa, fruits, fresh vegetables
Omegas are found in foods like:
Flaxseed Oil
Chia seeds
Nuts (be careful on overdoing nuts because they’re already shelled and roasted in oil – our hunter gatherer warriors wouldn’t have had the patience or time to be able to crack massive handfuls of nuts)I would love to know your observations in your “Self Belief Bank” after implementing this tool.


Hi to all our Rising Queens!

I wanted to share with you a really cool tool that will help you navigate that feeling of “If I’m not dieting then what?”

Years and years ago, this was a tool that I started implementing when I noticed that a lot of women would come and sit down with me and I’d say, “So how’s everything been going with your food and your fitness?” And they proceed to tell me everything that they did wrong.

That really became this theme of realizing that women just kept on identifying, kept on amplifying this feeling of being wrong, of making mistakes, of only ever being one poor decision away from failing.

If you can relate to what I’m saying… You know that feeling sometimes when you try to change your eating habits, you only ever feel like one poor choice from actually failing and constantly asking yourself “Am I doing enough for it to work?”

And the problem that I find in a lot of women when they talk about emotional eating is that emotional eating isn’t actually the problem – because food is awesome, yeah?

I love creating a beautiful dinner for my family, I love having ice cream (I would say wine but I don’t drink wine), but I love enjoying food with friends and family.

So the problem really is actually about negative unresourceful bingeing. That’s actually what people are talking about. Nobody cares about “I was feeling really happy so then I had a big bowl of vegetables.” That’s emotional eating. What you’re really concerned about is negative unresourceful bingeing.

This is my little Intuitive Eating Framework. This is a super simple tool, but this is what mainly most women think about when they are trying to eat healthy and make a change:

They start off Monday being super awesome, super perfect, super healthy. Tuesday doing the same .Wednesday start to lose their grip. And then Thursday they get on the f*ck it train. Thursday they go “Oh, f*ck it! I’ve ruined it. I can’t be perfect.”

So Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday’s a write-off – and then we start on Monday.

Just with this Intuitive Eating Framework, what I want to help you concentrate on is just seeing the opportunities where you’re actually being a success.

This pattern actually makes it a bigger gap from you to realize your ideas. Because so often it’s not emotional eating, it’s just how you’re identifying distress, it’s just how you relate to yourself – and it’s so easy for us to think “Oh, I’m a failure so of course I’m failing at this.” This is evidence of it.

But what happens most of the time is that you are giving food a moral value and thinking “I’m being good, I’m a good little girl, I’m being a bad little girl, so I’m going on the f*ck it train.”

And when you can bring yourself back from this idea that you are a failure or a success and just realize at any given moment, you are still thinking, you are still choosing thoughts… in any given moment, you can choose to believe you’re a success or you’re failure.

So instead of worrying so much about healthy food, what about if you just focused on healthy habits and look for all the times when you actually became a success?

So this is a really simple tool that just makes you go sit down and go, “Did this food fall from the tree, grow from the ground or have a mother – and is it in its unprocessed form?” And then “Can I add the protein, can I add the vitality, and can I add the omegas?”

So even if you’re sitting down to a piece of pizza, you’re adding some chicken, some good protein source, some spinach that gives vitality, and have some avocados. It’s like you’re having a pizza salad bowl.

When you become remove the emotion away from your food choices and start adding to your self-belief bank then everything happens far more easily.

This is like the super simple most basic step to realizing that it’s not all, it’s not nothing. Investing in yourself as a success is like the incremental changes, it’s like the tiny little muscles like in Pilates. It’s really hard to sort of activate but when you get them you become stronger all over.

And the problem with most women is they use this perfection. Like this is just an eating tool and someone said to me the other day, “Oh Bianca, did you just tell me what to eat? Are you just going to work with me about food?” I’m like, “No, what I help you do is help you embody your values.”

So when you’re doing this, you are embodying your choice to see yourself as a failure. You’re embodying your choice to feel like you have to be all things, all people, and you’re being a bit of a martyr. You’re embodying your choice to be over-responsible for the other areas in your life.

Somebody said to me, “Every time I invest some mental thought into implementing these pieces of advice you give me, I feel like it overstresses me and overwhelms this.”

It’s because you keep thinking of yourself as a failure instead of thinking of yourself as an investment.

When you truly to believe that you’re an investment and that’s what you value, you value the vitality that food gives you, you value the protein that level out your blood sugar, your insulin.

I always used to say to people when they’re like, “I don’t have time to eat.” “No, you’re just choosing to value your work that you’re doing for other people instead of eating.” Because you’re not stopping from going to the toilet, right? You don’t go to work and say, “Oh, sorry, I just shat myself.” Right?

No, because everybody realizes that that’s a bodily function that is necessary, otherwise you’re going to be in a mess.

It’s the same thing. You’re going to be in a mess if you don’t invest in your body. If you don’t stop and take the time to nourish yourself. You’re going to lose friends really, really quickly if you don’t make time for your bodily functions.

So stop neglecting the choice to invest in your idea that you’re a success and the belief that you are in control.

You’ve got your Intuitive Eating Framework. It’s like the one step – I’d love to hear how you feel. Print it out, put it on your fridge, and just give yourself a tick every time you use protein, you use vitality, every time you use omegas.

The reason that I am being really generous with the tool that I’ve been using for years for all my high-playing clients is because I know that it’s not about the food, it’s not about the weight; it’s about the thoughts that you continue to choose and you just need the support, the community, the mentors, the new strategies to help you overcome that stuckness.

For a bunch of you ladies who said that you felt you needed some strategies, you needed some help getting over your stuckness, that should really help you guys now going forward and taking this step into taking back control.

I’d love to know how you go after just even a few days of reinforcing this belief that you can be a success.

And this is like the tiniest little nugget of golden wisdom that we have in our programs. That’s why I’m super cool with being generous with it for you – because there’s heaps more where this came from. So let me know how you go!

5. Bricks Task

Download the Bricks Task Here

6. Goddess Healing Visualisation Track

If you start to feel like you’ve been dredging up a bunch of old emotions and you’re struggling to shake it off. Choose one of the most visceral emotions that are affecting you and do this Goddess Healing Visualisation process on it.

Gabriel Method Evening Visualisation

Another option is this one of Kylie’s which is The Crucible of Transformation

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8. To The Thin Me

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