Become a Sales Magnet

Become a Sales Magnet

Activate your sales magnetism and explode your income with ease


You’re a high performer calling in your next level of revenue.

You’re making good money in your business and now you want more. 

You want to call it in with more freedom, impact and ease. 

You have an incredible work ethic but you’re getting tired, you know working harder is not the solution.
You’ve hit a glass ceiling where you can’t earn more doing the same things and you’re feeling depleted and unfulfilled by what you’re doing and the way you’re doing it. 

Whilst you WANT more sales, there’s a part of you that does not feel safe to call more in, and so you’re blocking what you want most. 

You’re at capacity. You’ve done all you can through strategy and action, it’s time to look at the energetics.

When you are energetically aligned to the sales you want, you create them with ease. 

New clients, influxes of cash and new revenue highs become the norm.

When you own the value of your work and stand steady in your personal power, your subconscious mind aligns with your next level of income so it just feels “normal”.

When you master your beliefs and your emotions, you master your income.

Imagine You..


  • Feel deeply aligned to your purpose so that people find themselves drawn to you and ask to work with you.
  • Be confident about the value you offer and speak about it freely to sign new clients up with ease.
  • Raise your prices and earn more with a lighter schedule, so you have more time and spaciousness to enjoy your freedom.  
  • Align your energy to serve your mission in a way that makes sales feel like a fun game you love to play.
  • Stand in your power so money conversations flow effortlessly and you receive payment instantly.
  • Embody the identity of a powerful leader who attracts exciting new opportunities and makes a huge impact in the world.
  • Cut through the noise and attract your ideal clients with ease.


Just like S who was in a sales drought even though she was working really hard. When she reconnected to her authentic self and realigned her sales process she made her best cash month ever of 45k, and she was on holiday for half of it! 


Just like B who was feeling awkward in her sales process and wasn’t offering her services in a consistent way and her cash flow was suffering. When she confidently aligned her offers to what she really wanted to create she sold her first 15k package and her client paid up front. 

Just like F who shifted her energy from confidently selling for her employer, to confidently selling for herself. Her first client paid her the equivalent of 25% of her annual day job wage in exchange for just 8 days work.  


Just like D who was feeling overwhelmed by all her responsibilities, she aligned her energy and focus to what she really wanted to experience and 2 sales appeared as if out of nowhere. 


Just like L who turned a 1k opportunity into 12k and did it over and over again, until she increased her monthly recurring revenue by 50% whilst working 5 hours a week less. 


The Process

Ask clearly and explicitly for what you want. 

Set clear goals in alignment with your heart’s true desires.

Identify any obstacles standing in the way.

Make your unconscious patterns conscious so you can make new choices that empower you. 

Clear the emotional blocks so that what felt heavy and stuck now feels light and fun.

Feel more powerful than money so you can now command it. 

Calibrate energetically to your highest potential offers, clients and mission.




Magnetism Activation Audio 

Get your subconscious on board with selling premium packages with total confidence and notice how easy it is to make bank when you’re aligned

Become a Sales Magnet Masterclass
3 Keys to unlocking the superpowers of your Sales Archetype.
Raise your prices, embody total conviction and scale into your next level of income.

Money Flow Zone Method

In this short video tutorial I’ll show you the specific kinesiology points to release stuck emotions, unblock your money channel and let the sales roll in.

The Energetics of Effortless Sales

Remove the energetic blocks at critical times in your own sales process so that your Dream client says yes! and pays in full. 1 page pdf + video tutorial.



“Bianca helped me with uplevelling my offers – I went from selling $700 programs to $13,000 packages and sold the first 3 within 37 hours. There’s more play, more ease, a lightness to life, more fun and my worth is not soaked up in how hard I work. I’m doing exactly what I want, which is accounting for less hours work. My income increased by an average of $12,000 monthly recurring revenue, without doing more work. Instead, I’m being me, it’s radiating & it feels amazing!”

Lissy Katriona, Empowerment Coach


“Bianca didn’t teach me sales, or tell me to raise my prices, she helped me clear the energy blocks so I could charge my own worth and see the value that others did. I stepped into my authentic self, and the very next day I created a brand new offer, and sent out the highest invoice I’ve ever sent and it was paid within the week. And another 2 of these clients appeared as if out of nowhere! The deposits I took were higher than what I used to charge for my entire preliminary designs! 

Naomi Trevor, Holistic Business Designer 


“I just 5x the price of my program and sold it effortlessly – without even advertising! Thank you for helping me own my value.I haven’t been this excited about my business for a long time!” 

Michelle Smith, Butterfly Healing


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“For anyone considering working with Bianca – it’s a real privilege to get her brain and energy in your business. There is a depth of mastery to her work that is rare. Even teaching myself, I can’t see my own blind spots and I loved working with Bianca who is really strong in her own work, didn’t put me on a pedestal, but could really hold space for me and hold me accountable.” 

Denise Duffield Thomas, creator of Money Bootcamp on launching her 2m+ target for her creative side hustle.

“Without any extra effort, new business has been attracted to me like a moth to a flame. I’ve doubled my monthly targets, dropped a dress size, I no longer work Friday’s or answer emails on weekends.I am deeply present with my family and I actually get to enjoy the life I’ve worked so hard to create.”

Jen Bettridge Insurance Broker. 

Every time I work with Bianca I have made more money, I have freed up my life a lot more, I have bought more time back and I’ve deepened my relationships. What I’ve achieved since is beyond what I had ever imagined. I entered into a new industry and built a multiple 7 figure business in the first 3 months, opened a second office within 6 months and within 1 year we’re at 8 figures. If you’re thinking about working with Bianca I 200% recommend it.” 

Candice Tahuri, Family First Care 



About Bianca..


Bianca, a Transformational Business Mentor and mother of four, including triplets, draws from her elite athletic background and fertility journey to offer a unique perspective on balancing the masculine and feminine for optimal flow and peak performance.

As a passionate advocate of plant medicine and ancient wisdom, Bianca has worked with thousands of high performing women to increase magnetic charisma, align with purpose, and monetise their gifts in a sacred and reverent way. Her soul’s mission is to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs achieve joyful, peaceful prosperity and make a massive difference in the world.