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The team of coaches at My Mind Coach, each have their own incredible transformation stories, and they are all incredibly passionate about helping YOU to discover and unleash your best self. Read their bios below and apply for a call with the coach that looks, sounds and feels right to you.

Kylie Ryan

Transformational Coach for Leaders, NLP Coach Trainer, MMC Founder

When you’re at the top of your game; when family, staff, and reports are looking to you for stability and certainty in times of stress, you can find yourself in the lonely position of feeling like you have nobody to turn to, to receive support. Nobody to talk to to help you work out problems that are on your mind. Kylie is the coach that leaders turn to when they need help with their Mindset. High Performing Leaders know that their mental state is a critical to their success, and that a “bad day” is not really an option when millions are at stake, she can help you work through your thoughts with insightful questions and truly transformational coaching that will make all the difference to your peace of mind, your energy and business success.

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Bianca Aiono
Coaches Bianca Aiono

NLP Coach & Business Mentor, MMC Partner.

Hi, I’m Bianca Aiono, I help entrepreneurs, coaches and business women leverage their leadership online my adjusting their mindset, and implementing real-world strategies that align with the Greatest version of their possibilities. I help leaders step into their big vision and stop creating out of scarcity and limitation. When you create from your highest self your business will soar!  And it won’t come at the expense of your health, your relationship or your family. I offer Business Mindset Training Programs  Coaching. If you’re interested, Apply for a Call here.

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Christine AghaChristine-Agha-Circle

Wellness Transformation Coach & Emotional Eating Specialist

Hi, I’m Christine Agha! I’m a qualified NLP Coach,  & Matrix Therapies Practitioner. I struggled for many years with emotional eating, and yo-yo dieting losing and gaining between 5-30 kg at a time until I found coaching. As a wife and mother of two boys ages 5 and 7 I know how hard it is when you are struggling with food and how important it is to find peace and balance to be a happy, healthy mum. I’m passionate about helping women overcome emotional eating guiding them to achieving inner peace and balance in their lives. In coaching sessions with me you will learn how to shift your mindset to become your best self.  You can apply for a coaching discovery call with me here.

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Dana McCauleyDana McCauley

NLP Career Coach

Dana is our resident life path and career coach. With her NLP training, inquisitive & compassionate nature and experience in the legal and media industries, she is here to help if you are contemplating a career change, dreaming of a promotion or craving a deeper level of meaning in your work. You probably already know that to excel in any endeavour, it is vital to have a sense of purpose behind what you do. If you’re feeling disconnected from your higher calling, or you just aren’t seeing the results you would like to, Dana can help you uncover or rediscover your mission and get back into alignment. Using cutting-edge NLP techniques, she will assist you to make powerful mindset shifts to support you in unleashing your best self, so you can make your unique and meaningful contribution to the world.

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Rachel MurrayRachel Murray - Life and Soul Purpose Coach

Life and Soul Purpose Coach

Hi lovely, I’m Rachel Murray and I’m a qualified NLP Coach, Aetheric Healing Master Practitioner™ and Hypnotherapist. I bundle all of this and more together to create Life & Soul Purpose Coaching.
I am here to assist you to live authentically and gain a holistic view and understanding of who you are and what you are here for! Together we will walk you out of the dark and into the light, releasing what is holding you back, dragging you down and making life difficult for you so you can live in a place of pure joy, unconditional love and happiness. You will gain a universal understanding of yourself and your purpose, and together we will master your energies so you can apply them in the right contexts for the best outcomes to materialise! We can progress your psychic abilities, connection with your higher self, spirit guides and your galactic origins to name a few. You will go through a transcendent process of incredible transformation and deep understanding of yourself in every facet – this is a place where magic happens, a place where incredible synchronicities and manifestations come to fruition!

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Cyndi Hall

Life & Purpose Coach

Congratulations, you’ve made it this far! My name is Cyndi, and it’s great to meet you on your soul’s journey to the most authentic YOU! Every day, every minute, every thought is a wonderful opportunity to face, create and celebrate! The emotions or physical symptoms you may be experiencing are your body and sub-conscious mind letting you know you’re ready to let go of something you don’t need any more. Together, we can look at what you currently can’t see… listen to the feedback you can’t quite hear … work out how you can move forward… And find inner peace so you can dream and discover the ultimate YOU! I have been a drummer for 20 years, a corporate team-builder, meditated at Machu Picchu, trekked to Everest Base Camp, danced in the rain at Carnivale in Brasil, started a drum school for survivors of human trafficking in Cambodia, and continually face my own personal challenges. I currently manage a scholarship/ fellowship program for Women Leaders, practise yoga, train in Muay Thai and play beautiful music.

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Danni PriceDanni Price

NLP Coach & Personal Trainer.

“Health & fitness is a way of life!  To build a positive attitude you firstly need to look after yourself and surround yourself with positive like-minded people. I am so very passionate about guiding women into becoming fitter & stronger inside and out! I have 2 beautiful children myself that I want to set a good example for, in their life, to live a fit and healthy, energetic lifestyle! I want this too for all other women of the world through my face-to-face and online courses. Danni Price of Priceless PT (me) is here to guide you to your dream life, not only in your body, your health, but also your mind. I strive to grow my client’s knowledge on health and fitness……on how to become the STRONGEST WOMAN THEY CAN BE INSIDE & OUT!

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