My Mind Coach is a company dedicated to bringing out your best, by helping you to get out of your own way!

We believe that inside each and every woman (and man) there is a great mission and incredible wisdom.

We believe that you are capable of so much more than you even imagine. We believe that you are currently holding yourself back from playing that bigger game because you think you’re too fat, or not good enough to do it. There is a huge gap between what you desire and what you currently experience in your life.


You want to lose weight, but it’s about so much more than that too.

Your weight is a physical symptom of a deeper issue. In order to solve the physical symptom, you must go deeper into the cause. You have tried to solve your weight problem with diets, personal trainers, shakes, pills, programs, (and did I mention diets?) You know that despite its quick-fix appeal, those things never work. They never work, because YOU are the same while you are doing them.

You can’t diet away your negative mindset.

You are still approaching them all with the exact same mindset of self-judgement and criticism. You are exhausted from it. You are finally ready for something really different.  This is it.


One woman on a journey to be her best self.

Kylie Ryan started her own coaching journey in 2003 when she was carrying an extra 30kgs (66lbs) of excess fat, and all the emotional and self-esteem issues that go with it. Once she discovered the secret to transformation she lost that 30kgs, paid off $20,000 debt, found the love of her life, started singing in a band and launched her own NLP coaching business all in the same year. This business is My Mind Coach.

After 8 years of coaching hundreds of women to hugely successful results with weight loss, confidence and body image, she developed her flagship online personal development program – Goddess Body Quest,  a mindset program for weight loss. This has helped hundreds of women all over the world discover self-love where once they only had self-judgement, shame and embarrassment. And it’s funny, once they learn how to love themselves exactly as they are, they begin making better choices for themselves, and then they lose weight…


Play a bigger game.

Kylie now trains other aspiring health coaches in her advanced NLP Coaching methods to create profound change with their clients. Her best students are invited to join her coaching team to help spread the message of self-love, body confidence and health all through the world.

So now we are a team of women dedicated to bringing out the best in you, to help you overcome your self-sabotage, doubt, shame and limitation, and create your best body and life.