Bianca is an Alignment Guide & Business Alchemist and a proud Samoan – Maori mother of 4, including 3 year old triplets.

As an elite athlete she was in the top 1% of fittest women in Australia and has pushed her body to the extreme, competing internationally in 6 different sports.

She also had to heal from her athletic career in the fertility journey she embarked upon in order to become a mother.

She then went onto conceive and carry 15lb of triplets to 34 weeks and delivered them naturally (in record time of course). 


Bianca has explored the concept of capacity in the realms of both the masculine and the feminine and it gives her a unique perspective on the ideal balance of the two, in order for optimal flow and peak performance.

Bianca has worked with thousands of passionate entrepreneurs o increase their personal power, align to their purpose and monetise their gifts in a sacred and reverent way.

She is a passionate advocate of plant medicine, and a voice for the ancient wisdom of indigenous cultures that flows through her.

She helps high performers unlock their highest potential, so they can expand their capacity for wealth, be a clear conduit for their genius and and a powerful catalyst for change. 

Her signature program The Evolution of Entrepreneurship helps high performers dissolve their inner glass ceilings of revenue and profit, whilst releasing the pressure, increasing their clarity and birthing their creative genius out into the world.

It is her soul’s mission to help purpose driven entrepreneurs live a life of joyful, peaceful prosperity and make a massive difference in the world, without sacrificing what’s important to them.