Ryan Schroter – Testimonial

What a truly moving testimonial from Ryan Schroter after one of my Soul Money Mapping sessions.

I feel incredibly blessed to do this work, it’s a marriage of my own soul money.

Learning The Spiral was the piece that really helped me drop in and go fast on all the strategy and intuition I had honed over the past 20 years.

One thing I’m super clear on – is I can only work with experts and practitioners who are dedicated to being of service, and create impeccable experiences for their clients.

It means that the clients I attract are very sensitive to energy, feeling when things are out of alignment and out of integrity.

I get it – that’s why my process is based around exactly that – reaching through the tapestry of your life experiences, your unique professional perspective that you bring to your clients and also the problems that you solve for them.

When you hit that intersection between alignment (who you are here to be and who you are here to serve)

and congruence (walking your talk, and delivering what you promise)

That’s when you hit the integrity sweet spot and the pieces drop in like a gravitational vortex.

Integrity not just from a moral, ethical standpoint – but also a “makes perfect sense” in a structurally sound and strong way.

It shows directly in the shift in magnetism for the expert who (just like Ryan) discover an uplevelling and surge of new interest in their work.

I hold these words very close to my heart, it truly is an honour to be trusted with the yearnings of somebody’s soul, and how they want it expressed out into the world as their Great Work.



What’s up guys? My name is Ryan Schroder and I literally just come off a soul money mapping session with the Bianca Aiono and it was fucking profound.

Excuse the language, but it was, I don’t usually have this desire to come off and instantly share a testimonial from a session, but this was so profound and magical and just brought so many of the unclear pieces together in my business so quickly that I just had to come on and share.

I recognize very quickly on the session that I had become disconnected with myself, my confidence, who I was, and that what I have to offer was valuable to others.

And I also, yeah, didn’t feel really clear on who it is that I was here to help and in in the session.

Everything has just landed so profoundly. I have so much confidence in just like doing the thing, getting it out there, and how to actually portray the message that I have in a really clear and precise way that I know that from this point forward, my business is just going to blow up.

So thank you so much, Bianca. I cannot wait to see what comes from this session.

This session alone has been profound, and for anyone who was thinking about doing these soul money mapping sessions with Bianca, I 100% re recommended. Like just do it. Thank you again, Bianca. I appreciate you.


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